Beyonce VS Kelly Clarkson (Round 2)

Recently Kelly performed at the AMA awards. Ok , naturally my girl Kelly doesnt look like the Kelly everybody knew from idols. The girl has grown up and packed some kilos. I logged on to some of my friends' blog sites and I could not believe that some of them are still taking jabs at Kelly about her single "Already Gone"

Queen B's fans just wont let up. . Firstly lemme say this; I love Kelly's song. I play it every chance I get. I think its stands on it own merit. My friend Ethan went as far as to attack Kelly on her weight issues... not cool bro not cool.

If u don't like it then you should put a lid on it!!

Whatever happened to "people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones"? Beyonce is a talented artist, no doubt about that. BUT even she is not immune to "borrowing" from other performers. Hell, at some point she was called the Most Unoriginal Artist of our Time. All I had to do was type the words BEYONCE COPYCAT on google and I found countless images and videos of Beyonce imitating somebody. Coincidence? I think not.

Even her most famous dance routines are not original. Such is her ability to command a stage that even though ths routines are "inspired" by choreographers of yester year she still make them her own. That in its own does validate her talent. Problem though is that the Bootiliscious one never acknowledges the original creators. Now who's the copycat?

Gotta love google!! Upon further investigation I learned that parts of her dance routine from "Get me bodied" were actually "borrowed" from Rich Man's Rug directed by Bob Fosse. The more famous and controversial "borrowing" by the diva is from her now universally adored dance video "Single ladies". The choreography in Single Ladies is a direct replica of Bob Fosse's other choreography "Mexican Breakfast"

She does it better but its not original. Thata gogos!!

Watch this video with Beyonce's Single Ladies dubbed on it. If you know the Single Ladies video you will see the similarities.

Beyoncé Copycat Vs. Gwen Verdon (Choreography by Bob Fosse) from Street Blabber (ex-Urban mag) on Vimeo.

Now, all this people calling Kelly Clarkson a copycat should stop because your Beyonce isnt really an angel in that department either. Hell she copies everybody.


Hey she'll even copy drag queens

Hmmm... Mariah did the corn field thing first

Beyonce Vs Josephine Baker


The Biker ensemble was first seen on George Michael's video ages ago

Britney did it first and who can forget Angelina Jolie's descend in Mr and Mrs Smith

Beyonce copies Kylie

Beyonce VS Jlo

I am not hating on B. I am jst making an observation :)

"U gotta a huge ego... such a huge ego"

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