Kelly Clackson Vs Beyonce (Round 1)

Earlier this year, the very first winner of the now phenomenon American Idol, Kelly Clarkson dropped her latest single "Already Gone" and Queen B fans were not amused. Her Royal Bootylisciousness' fans were outraged at the "questionable" similarity of Kelly's song to "HALO".

I then listened to both songs and have to admit that before being aware of the row, I didnt really pick up the similarity. Of course now I do get feel of HALO when listening to ALREADY GONE. 

This makes sense since both songs were written/produced by the same person, OneRepublic star... Ryan Tedder! This guy is a genius, he even co-wrote Leona Lewis' BLEEDING LOVE with Jesse McCartney.

I have to admit though, I honestly don't think he rehashed the music track. Both songs hold their own lyrically and melodically. ALREADY GONE has more of a rock feel than HALO. 

The back-track on HALO is more of a classic ballad whereas the drum mix on ALREADY GONE makes it more of a rock-ballad.

Interetingly though, atleast according to given report, Kelly's song was created first but HALO hit the airwaves before ALREADY GONE could be released. Which, in my books, begs the question; 

Would Beyonce's fans still throw their toys around if the situation had been reversed? Anyway its not like the world's gonna end because this 2 songs "supposedly" sound alike.

Halo - Beyonce

Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

While on the issue of "questionable" similarities, Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield" sounds a bit like Kerri Hillson's "Energy" ... hmmm, could another battle of the divas be looming?

... I guess you better go and get your armour!!  :)

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