The Lady Who Dared To Dream

The lady with a story that would bring a tear to even the most cynic of all human beings has just released her debut albumn in Mzansi. 

To say Susan Boyle is talented would be an understatement. 

This woman is the epitome of raw unmanufactured talent. This past friday Jenny Cryws Williams picked this albumn as 702’s CD of the Week. 

My step dad and I were driving around Krugerdorp looking for a restaurant while it played on 702 and I was mesmerised. I could wait to get back to the north and buy it.

By the way, I find it very strange that there is a porn store on almost every street in Krugersdorp and not even a single restaurant in the entire CBD.

Back to Susan... The 48 year old is breaking records left, right and centre. According to Wikipedia and other reputable sources, the albumn sold 134 000 on its first day in the UK.

By the end of that week it had sold 411 820, making it the best/fastest selling albumn in its first week ever in the UK. It's set to become the biggest debut albumn of the year in the US removing Eminem’s "Relapse" off that throne.

The albumn has also sold over 2 million world wide making it the fastest selling debut albumn by a female artist ever. has also reported that the albumn now holds a record for the top CD pre-order in their 14 year history not only in the US but worldwide (yerr.. people were actually buying the albumn before it was released). 

YouTube is also anticipating an increase in Susan Boyle hits, she's currently on over 300mil hits

I finally got the cd so here's my take on the albumn; it does deserve the praise for being the best this year but it kinda falls short of my expectations. Susan has the voice but the albumn has no surprises. 

“I Dreamed A Dream”, which is the title track of the albumn and first single, fails to move me. In fact I think the original Patti LuPone version from Les Miserable is better. 

All tracks in the albumn are cover tracks with the exception of “Who Was I To Be”, my favourite track in the cd. For all you God loving kids there are 3 hymns in there as well and thats it.

The lovable Susan’s voice, as angelic as it may be, is not unique. At times you kinda forget that its her and not Celine Dion or Vera Lynn. It also, on most of the tracks, lacks the emotions that she poured out so touchingly on Britain’s Got Talent. 

She does redeem herself on track 6, 7 and 9 though. I found myself singing along to track 7 “Up the Mountain”. Its not an original composition but she manages bring that magic, similar to what Whitney gooi’ed with “I have Nothing” on The Bodyguard. Have to say, I got a little teary eyed.

Though this albumn is devoid of any original material its still a must for those laid back holiday season days. Im already planning my xmas around it. Driving down to the North West I will be rocking “Who Was I Born To Be”. 

As for Susan,... this ugly duckling will never be a swan but with a voice like that, she certainly is going places!

Happy Holidays!!!

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