She Is A Woman

I got a disturbing phone call from a girl friend of mine. My disgruntled female friend seems to think I have abandoned her. As flattering as it may be to have a girl go all hysterical just to spend time with me, Im just not that kinda guy.

I love my friend but I kinda have issues with women and don’t really wanna spend too much time with them. Women are emotionally draining.

This is what I don’t get about women:

Women claim to be independant yet they constantly moan about how men. Err... ladies being equals means holding your own. If I don’t open the door for you then do it for yourself.

Remember, it is just a gesture of affection not an obligation or a reflection of the depth of my feelings for you. If I don’t call you or pick up the phone when you call, just relax. I too have a life ... "independent of you".

I still love and care for you but I do need my space too. Take that in good faith and be happy the next time I resume contact. Especially when we are just friends!!!

Women say they are just as strong as men and by strong I don’t mean physically. In the past 3months this girl has called me 3 times (almost every day) and I’m not even sleeping with her. Now, any sane person would have figured out that I'm clearly trying to avoid her but she doesn’t.

My male friends don’t do that. I can spend a whole year without seeing or talking to them. When I eventually do it's just… “where have you been bro?” and the beers flow. No drama BUT with girls it’s… “Oh so u don’t like me anymore, u found somebody else blah blah blah”. I’m sorry, I think women are unstable.

Take torture they subject themselves to for their appearance for example.

  • SHOES - High Heels: why would any rational creature walk around in those things all day? They are hugely uncomfortable, make it easier to fall and are proven to cause back problems.

  • CLOTHES: Why wear tight clothes that hamper their ability to walk freely and underwear with strings that can’t be a welcomed invader in their butt cracks (if u knw wat I mean)…?  women do.

  • MAKEUP: Why would a rational person paint their face almost every day, pluck out their eyebrows, inject fluids in their face and don’t get me started on the silicone in their chest? … women do.

And why do they do all this? They do it for MEN. I’m sorry, to me that is a sign of insecurity and insecurity is a weakness. Now my sisters, stop moaning and accept the fact that you are insecure thus making you weak.

Yes you smart, loving etc but you are still weak. There is nothing wrong with that especially as the evidence of that is very apparent in the way you conduct yourselves.

too much botox... why would you wanna end up like this?

My “friend” is a smart gorgeous girl but her behavior just debases her. I will forgive her little tirade, take her out soon and I will apologise for not being in touch. Not because I wanna condone her tantrum throwing tendencies but because I understand… she is a WOMAN.

PS: Dont get me wrong I love my girls. I'm just trying to understand them :)


'melo said...

Bathong Phil! mcim!
lol lol Enjoyed it though... and its true, i guess. except me, im not like that! *Hiding*

Anonymous said...

Lol I think this girl has a crash on you. I have a lot of male friends and I dont give a damn if I havent spoken to then in 2 years! When I or they call eventually Im supper happy. The only boy I would be bother by him not calling for that long is the one Im sleeping with.

Anonymous said...

What does your mother have to say about this? Naughty boy.

PhilMphela said...

She's dead.

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