HARAMBE: SABC 1 New Talkshow

Finally Harambe hit our screens last night after months (if not a whole year) of delays. Have to say though, I expected a whole lot more from the show since it was replacing Zola 7 which was a successful show. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything mind-blogging about the show. It’s just like any other youth talk show SABC 1 has done. The only difference is that unlike Take 5, Chatroom and Bonisanani it has 6 presenters. I still don’t get why they had to have 6 presenters because the “Harambe Posse”, ie the other 4 presenters on the show just don’t say much. Anyway it’s still early days so we’ll see how they utilize them in future episodes.

Whats wrong with it?

Beside the fact that the concept is nothing new, the production at some point did seem a bit amateurish. On two occasions when the show cut to commercial, the actual words “cut to commercial” appeared on the screen. The blame on that falls on the channel’s technical director, maybe he was snoozing. Doesn't SABC 1 care anymore?

The topic covered on the show was “eating disorders” and I couldn’t help but chuckle a couple of times when the 2 main presenters, Vusisiwe Ngcobo and Lutho John kept trying to upstage each other. It’s clear that Vusisiwe was in her element and Lutho did hold his own but at times there were this subliminal snide “I wanna shine too…” undertone in their deliverance. The other thing that I found peculiar was the fact that it seemed as if the presenters didn’t know what to ask their guests. As for the “Do you think supermodels like Naomi Campbell pressurize young girls to look skinny?” comment, it just killed me. Couldn’t the presenter find another way of phrasing that question? Poor Naomi, she was named 3 times in the duration of the episode then again they kept asking the same question just in different. Word of advice, if you going to do season 2, please make sure the presenters prepare some questions prior to the shoot.

Lutho John


The biggest blunder came during the show’s closing links. The 2 main presenters closed the show… TWICE (guess it’s that: This-is-my-show-biatch-competition thing they’ve got going on undercover. Lol). In the final closing link the presenters boldly tell their viewers to log on sabc1.co.za to continue the debate on the topic BUT if you bothered to log on you would have realized that none of the presenter kept the debate going there. Infact they weren’t even online. Thus far the discussion board only has 4 comments and none about the topic of the night. Really now SABC 1, for the show that’s been on the can for months couldn’t someone bother to make provisions for the presenters to engage with their viewers online? Might as well stop telling viewers to log on to the website and rather go to the presenters’ facebook pages. Oh my bad, you can't do that because the show was shot ages ago.

BTW, we got your names the first time you announced them on the opening link, you don't need to keep saying them every time you return from a commercial break. (for future reference)

Whats right about it?

Anything new on SABC 1 is a good thing after being bombarded with repeats by the channel. I’ll reiterate that having to see new faces was a welcomed relief. I loved the lightness of the show. After-all it is a youth show, though at some point it seems a bit juvenile like it’d be better suited for yotv. The concept of having 6 presenters is great only if they execute it right like having more of a group panel discussion.

Bianca Williams

Palesa Masiteng

One notable thing is that The Girls seemed more at home than the boys. Again: it’s still early days and in the boys... Sdu Majola and Mo'Flava ( whatever that means)...' defense the topic was about eating disorders :) I loved Palesa Masiteng and Bianca Williams’ comments. Not only are the two girls articulate they are … errr… let me find the right words…. EASY ON THE EYE!!! Eish Palesa is a natural black beauty LOL

The Harambe Posse... hmm Bianca is there something in the oven?

All in all the show wasn’t that bad and I hope to see more episodes before I can draw a final overview of the show. Big up to the new presenters!!

catch HARAMBE on SABC 1 on Thursdays at 19h00


Anonymous said...

hey blaque what happened to harambe and im curious to know what Luthuo John is doing now, he's my favourite presenter, is he really humble too.

blaquekorner said...

Hi, my understanding thus far is that there are no plans ro produce the second season of Harambe.

As for Lutho... well, no one in this industry is never really that humble. You will meet people who will tell you that I am not. It's all about how you interact with that individual. I may tell you that he is a nice humble guy because that's what I see and then you meet him somewhere and see him as a jerk. Get my point?

All I can say is that he is a young driven talented guy. He can sing and dance too. With the right motivation I'd say the future may be bright for him in this business. Only time will tell.

PS: I will ask him what he is doing now. Can't guarantee that he will answer though :)

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