Why Is Ajax The Most Hated Character In SA

Whether you like it or not Generations is the most watched and talked about show in South Africa. It’s also a fact that the show is really a good platform for actors to raise their celebrity status. Yes, I say celebrity and not acting because let’s be honest some of the actors in the show can’t act to save their lives … I will not mention names, that’s another debate all together. I for one couldn’t care less about it. I haven’t really followed the show since it kinda became an infomercial for companies like PEP.

I have however noticed that a lot of it’s viewers don’t like Ajax. Since I don’t watch it much and not really that clued up on the character’s storylines so I will pose the question to you guys. Is it because the actor playing the role, Psyfo, is bad or the storyline is boring? 

If the latter is the case then why hasn’t the producers taken heed of their viewers’ complains. All you have to do is go on to the SABC1 website and even here on the Generations discussion blog the General feeling I get is that Ajax is more hated than any other actor ever on SA tv.

My personal issue with Psyfo has actually nothing to do with his acting abilities. It’s a general discontent with the channel and the artists they use. I sometimes get the feeling that once you do something on the channel and become the channel’s “golden boy or girl” you get a free pass on to Generations whether you can act or not. 

I’m just waiting to see Zizo Beda on the show since she is currently SABC 1’s "it" girl. It seems like if somebody likes you at the channel they will get you on almost every show or anything that has the channel’s name attached to whether you can deliver or not. 

Zola was at some stage “the SABC 1 guy” then there was DJ Sbu and now it’s Zizo. None of them were ever on Gen but there were in everything else that had to do with SABC 1. We all know Psyfo from Yotv and with Selae also from yotv in Generations, its kinda hard not to think that way. Wonder when is CC getting something from the channel?

Zizo Beda 

Then there is the whole issue about the “Generations Curse” as I call it. For most if not all actors in SA, Generations is the ultimate gig . You do Generations, you are a star; everybody knows your name, you are on the covers on magazines and once you are off the show you become unemployable. 

Whatever happened to all those actors, too many to mention, who were on Generations and are now nowhere to be seen? Is Generations a career killer? Or do all actors in SA just wait to get on Generations and after that they quit the industry because let’s face it, what’s higher than Generations.

Are they then too egotistic about doing anything else deemed lower than Generations once they leave? Perhaps they are unemployable because after Gen they command higher pay and no-one can afford to match Gen. 

Could it be that the actors are too proud to take anything less than what they got from Gen? Whatever the reasons are my observation is that for many actors Generations is a ticket to the unemployment line. 

This begs the question, can Psyfo still sustain an acting career after Generations seeing as the nation loathes his character. We all know that in SA, tv viewers still can’t separate an actor from his role. Psyfo will always be known as Ajax no matter what he does after Gen. 

Will the cloud of hatred for Ajax still follow him after Generations. I don’t know the answer to that but if history is anything to go by, I would say the boy’s future as an actor hangs on thread

So why do you hate Ajax? is it because Sipho "Psyfo" Ngwenya is a terrible actor or is the Ajax character just boring?

PS: Be nice. Critisize objectively, remember we trying to build each other here not demoralise!!!

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