Torn About Bonang Matheba

If there is one celeb in mzansi that fascinates me it has to be Bonang. I am fascinated by her because she is an enigma to me. I just don’t get her. I don’t know whether I like her or not. Ok, one thing… where the hell did she come from?

One minute she was a presenter on some kiddies game show and the next she is Mzansi’s “IT” girl. Is our industry so deprived of talent that anyone can just be catapulted to celebrity-dom by virtue of being on tv for more than 5min? That’s what I asked myself as I was getting nauseated by being bombarded with Bonang’s name everywhere.

In my feeble attempt to rationalize my uncalled for contempt with Bonang I told myself that the only reason she is a star now is because Mzansi was getting tired of Khanyi Mbau. She is the perfect anti-Khanyi. She is gorgeous, tenacious and “thank GOD” has a brain in that weave covered head.

Why then do I find it so hard to connect with her? Her twitter antics didn’t help much in that regard. The more I saw and read about her the more I detested this woman I have never met in my entire life.

Just when I am sure that I hate her she would do something interesting like getting that Legit contract. I admire celebs that are smart enough to know that their fame won’t last forever and are doing something to make sure that they can sustain themselves when it’s all over

Bonang is a young vibrant woman with a good head on her shoulder. Though her over exposure and loud mouth can be annoying at times there is no denying that this girl, given the opportunity, could become a gem in mzansi’s celebrity world.

She has found her niche in this business and is exploiting it for all it’s worth albeit she is making enemies as fast as she is acquiring an allegiance of fans, she is still a name that everybody knows.

Few people in the world can boast that they are so famous that people don’t even need to know their surnames, just the mere mention of their first name is enough for someone to know who you talking about. The name BONANG is fast gaining that status.
Beside LIVE, and apparently she is a radio DJ as well, I don’t know much about what Bonang is doing with her life but I do know that she is doing something. I refuse to follow everything that she does because everything about me tells me that I should dislike this girl.

I believe in artists and not celebs. Bonang is a temporary star that will fade in time. Her name will be forgotten faster than she can say Sizwe Dhlomo. However there is no denying that this girl is a force to be reckoned with, at least for now.

I love this industry and anyone who makes it work for him/her will get some respect from me because they are dispelling the myth that everybody in this industry will die poor.
I will not lose a wink of sleep trying to figure out why I’m conflicted about my opinion on Bonang but it’s been a while since someone has piqued my attention this much. I share this with you hoping that perhaps there is something I am missing and you would point it out for me maybe then I can draw a clear line between whether I like this girl or not. For now I am just happy in my indifference to her… I think.

Only time will tell!

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