Women You Will Likely Meet In Your Life

I have said it before and I will say it again, I don’t know women, I don’t understand them and quite frankly I think it’s a good thing that I don’t. They are just these enigmatic creatures that fascinate me, more so because I have never known a love of a woman beyond the comfort of maternal love.

I have never known the strength, the intelligence and the wrath of a woman outside the confides of my immediate family. So as a sequel to my other article “She Is A Woman” I have put this list of the woman I know.

My understanding of what these roles construe in a woman’s life are heavily influenced by the characters that are revered by millions in television shows . I do not claim to have the gospel truth of what women are. This is just my own observation and it’s subject to debate. So here goes;

The Mother

tv's best mom, Nora Walker played by Sally Field in Brothers & Sisters

Ask any woman who has kids how it is to be a mother, there is only one acceptable answer; “It’s the hardest and most fulfilling job in the world” OK… I wouldn’t dare question the fact that it’s a tough job but is it really fulfilling? 

A woman can fail at almost everything in her life but failure as a mother is a complete and unequivocal NO NO. If that’s the case, why are women themselves not sympathetic to women who choose not to be mothers. 

Let’s be frank for a sec here ladies… when a woman reaches a certain age she is expected to marry and have a family, so too can be said about men but it’s a bit more pressured on women. Surprisingly though, the scorns come from women themselves. 

They are the ones looking at other women and putting them down for the choices they have made. So how do you become a better mother when your mistake will always be put under a microscope?

What constitutes being good mother? Is it who your children grow up to be? Is it the way your kids behave in public? A mother is a protector but unfortunately not all women have these maternal instincts. 

Not every woman can devote her all to her kids, does that then mean she is not normal? Tv's Best mom, Nora Walker has perfected the art of motherhood but when you watch the show and get to understand her, you can see that she does not really have an identity outside being the matriarch of the Walker family. 

She is lonely and unhappy. She finds her worth in life through meddling in her kids' lives who by the way are adults. 

The Wife

Marcia Cross as Bree Van Der Kamp-Horge in Desperate Housewives

If there is one role that has women in a perpetual state of disorientation, it’s being a WIFE. There is a saying that “a perfect wife should be a maid in the living room, a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom”. 

The reality is that not all women can be Bree Van Der Kamp or Gabrielle Solis. The Brees of this world may look all prim and proper with their step-ford wives perfection but peel through those layers of perfection; you will often find an unhappy woman trying very hard to tell the world that she is happy when she is in fact dying a slow and painful death.

Eva Longoria-Parker as sassy Gabriel Solis in DH

Then there is the Gabrielle of this world, seemingly in touch and in tune with their desires in life and in the sack. They exude confidence and panache so effortlessly that other women love to hate them. Their rise up the hierarchy is solidified by their ability to say or do things that other wish they could say or do but can’t. 

Though these women are generally happy there is no denying that they also envy the 2.4 ratio family. Truth be told, once kids enter the house… the whore in the bedroom takes a hike. Many adventurous couple try to keep the fire burning even after they have had kids but they will also admit that it’s not easy. 

The good thing is that once the Gabrielles of this world have kids and they still have the sexual drive, it just makes love making more creative. You find ways and places to “do it” whenever you have a break from the kids. 

The Other Woman 

Eddie Britt's sultry car wash in Desperate Housewives

Call her what you will, slut-homewrecker-magosha, but contrary to popular believe these type of women save more marriages than they destroy. 

Eddie Britt once said to Susan Mayer after Susan found out she was sleeping with a married man, that she is just helping a lonely man get out of his rut and not trying to take him away from his family. When she is horny she hooks up with him for a nice session of “humping” and off he goes to his white picket fence life. 

Though the Brees of this world would not admit it, they need the Eddies to keep the facade that is their lives going. That is why most Brees will ignore the signs that the husband might be cheating because she wouldnt want to loose the 'perfect" life she has strived to create.

Generations' Katlego Danke aka Dineo, the man-stealer

However there is another type of this woman, the dangerous and vindictive type. She is not in it for the fun of it. She will be there to take him away from his family. She will lure him with the promise of emancipation from the prison of being married to a Bree. 

Like a child to a candy a store, the man will leave everything behind and fall for this temptress’s deceit. Yes, deceit because most often the grass is never greener on the other side. After a while this temptress with get bored and move on to the next gullible fool who will give her the “fun and bling” she needs. 

So is she misjudged or unfairly persecuted for the choice of a man? Well if you are a Khanyi you would definitely think so but can you in all honesty say your actions are never premeditated and are just calculated moves to get what you want albeit the consequential pain such actions would cause? 

Or you could be a Dineo (Generations) and think the man would be happier with you than he is with his current girlfriend. You would be willing to wreck a friendship with someone who had been there for you when you were at you lowest point in life, just so you can have her man. 

The Modern Woman

The richest black woman on the planet and the once most powerful black woman on the planet; 
Oprah and Condi

Hailed at the turn of a century as The Future of humankind; this woman is a force to be reckoned with, a wife, mother and a working individual. She has the education, the tenacity and means to live a perfect life. Problem with such a woman is that her world revolves around moaning… not in the bedroom but in life generally. 

She chooses to get married, have kids and then work at the same time and yet she constantly complains about how hard it is to juggle it all. If she is not moaning about being marginalized in the workforce by her male counterparts she is moaning about other women not thinking she can be a good mother because she works. 

Though her success is an inspiration to the nation it’s also her curse because as she continues to climb that ladder so too does her demons. Can she do it all? If the answer is Yes, then why does she need validation for it.

Then there is her twin sister; she chooses not have any kids, not get married and just concentrate on being a success. Her choices will be deemed selfish. Her life will be seen as empty. Her voice will be heard as bitter tirade. 

In retrospect, society will say to this woman; you are not woman enough if you don’t conform to the stereotypes that has kept us at the bottom of the barrel for centuries. Women will sing songs of empowering women… wa thinta mfazi wa thinda mbhokodo… they will sing but still shun this woman for choosing not to be a conformist. 

Hypocrisy!!! She does not want to do it all, she just wants to do it her way and for that she will be persecuted by her own kind as well as the others.

PS ...

Like with everything in life, to fully understand the nature of a woman you would be required to first understand the nature of life. I’m not that religious but those who are will warn me not to go that far. While on that one can also ask if the media is portraying the true nature of how women behave and interact with each other. So ladies, who are you?

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