At Home With The Class Act Boyz

I visited the Class Act guys at their “crib” yesterday. I was really concerned about the lack of hype around them and wanted to know how they felt about it. It’s always easier to talk to people when they have let their guard down and meeting them at home instead of at the studio was a great opportunity to get them to be frank.

As soon as I got there we got down to business. We sat together in what I would assume is their lounging area and had a chat as guys. What became evident from the beginning was that the boys shared the same sentiments as I did about the show and its publicity. I was very surprised at how some of the guys knew exactly where they needed to be and who they needed to talk to for them to get noticed. Muzi is just on a league of his own with this. The brother has a place in this industry just reserved for him with or without winning Class Act. He knows exactly how to work the system and hopefully it will work for him. He is really taking this seriously and is doing all he can to make sure that he builds a name for himself.

It’s good and well to blame somebody else for not giving the guys enough publicity but at the end of the day the guys themselves have to promote their names as well andMuzi is doing great at that. I like that he is not only looking at this as just a competition but a stepping stone to a career. Yes some of the guys may say he wants to be a star and not an actor… well to be an employable and to have a sustainable income in this business you need to have a recognizable name. You need to become a BRAND and the name Muzi will be that viable brand if all of Muzi’s initiatives to get his name out there succeed.

Danny raised some interesting points about the diversity in our industry and I was very surprised that behind that comical persona is a smart guy who knows what his limitations in terms of having a viable acting career are. Thabo on the other hand is a bit naïve, the folly of youth, I guess. I just love it when people say they wanna be actors and not celebrities. Yes one should be recognized for the great work they do in their craft but this is a business like any other. Those nice and admirable sentiments will work on Oprah but they will not put food on your table. Thabo is a very smart guy to a point where his intelligence blinds him to the realities of the world. Again he is only 21 and probably has never experienced the bureaucracy of this industry. Humility is a trait best employed by those who know its value. For that I will forgive his somewhat ostentatious and dismissive attitude. I study people and that’s why I am able to do this. I know that Thabo is only putting on this rather repugnant persona because he is trying to protect himself. He is the kind of guy who takes time to fit in and when he does he tries so hard to prove that he belongs there.

Muzi in his room...

some of the guys share the rooms

I had a great time getting to know the guys away from the tension of being in studio. One thing for certain, each of these guys has a quality about them that is captivating.

Yonda is the sweet pretty boy with a smile that would make even the coldest of humanbeings blush,

Sdumo is your typical brother,

Danny is the unconceited funny kinda guy you would want as a friend,

Muzi is just Muzi… cool, suave, engaging, focused, etc… just Muzi.

Then there is Malusi; the most misjudged guy on this show. I never “got” Malusi. You may have noticed that I have hardly written anything about him. I knew there was more to him than the flack he keeps getting on the show. Kenny and the judges should just give this brother a break. Malusi is your typical young guy, hyperactive and a personality that would get on your nerves sometimes but he definitely not the arrogant laastig type that he is being portrayed as on the show. The guy is funny, sweet and down-to-earth. I have actually gotten very fond of him as of yesterday. Better the devil you know… Malusi is just Malusi, he doesn’t pretend to be anything or anybody he is not. I would rather have that on my corner than someone who is pretentious and plays for the cameras. Lay off the poor guy because what you project him to be is anything but and it could hurt his chances of progressing in this competition.

I have received an invitation to join the guys at Le Mix for a night out on the town tomorrow night. I am not too keen on it as I’m really not the jump-on-the-table-party-like-you-just-cant-stop type but I will go since the invitation came with a compliment on my work. Can’t disappoint my supporters now can I? Will keep you on the loop…

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