Class Act: The Action Episode

In the words of Moonyeen Lee to Muzi on the Villain Episode; “I wanna believe that was great but it was not”. The Action episode did not excite me at all. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give the episode a disappointing 4. The screen tests looked way too amateurish and bland. I will however commend the guys for rolling with the punches and bringing on their A-game. On that note the blame for the lack of vavavoom on this episode will solely fall on the “technical team”. Tim Greene has done an awesome job directing these guys. I was blown away by his direction in the Noir episode. He nailed the genre and made the scenes a marvel to watch. Unfortunately, on this episode I was not impressed.

                                        Anthony Bishop (guest judge)

My problem with the screen tests was the colour pallet which is the Director Of Photography's job though the director has the final say on the end product. The indoor scenes just didn’t work. Visually the scenes just looked drab. It’s my understanding that Tim collaborated with Anthony Bishop to direct the boyz last week and my advice would be “never do it again”. Some collaborations just should not be and judging by this a "Tim + Anthony colab" = Train Wreck. Lol, ok maybe that’s a bit harsh but hey when the ship sinks the first person you turn to for answers is THE CAPTAIN. Only Sdumo’s screen test looked good, not great but it was better than the rest. Sdumo’s was an exterior shoot so I guess the use of natural light helped in that regard.

The script. What happened this week? On previous episodes the guys have had some good punch lines. On this episode there was nothing really. Ok the laughs were there but they were few and far in between. On the Noir and Villain episodes there were memorable lines in the scripts but on this I can’t even remember anything worth mentioning. I understand that the focus needed to be on the action but establishing a mood and some background on the characters and the storyline doesn’t have to take 50 pages so someone could have tried. The scenes lacked cohesion, substance and the fights just sprung out of nowhere. Actually, the Villain episode worked much better for me visually and script-wise and quite frankly I would have bought that as ACTION genre test for the boys.


Sadly we had to say goodbye to the eye candy… sorry girls and… er… boyz.. A friend told me that he is boycotting the show because Yonda is gone, well if you don't vote then your favourite guy will go home. Now that he is gone I guess I can say it, I had a soft spot for pretty boy. I wasn’t favouring him over the other guys or anything like that but he’s a likeable guy. The judges went on and on about how had he not been eliminated he would have probably won the“Class Act of The Week”. I think that’s ridiculous. I love the brotha but his performance didn’t surpass that of Sdumo. It was good but not the best for the week, in my opinion. We'll miss that smile!!

                                    The guys with Danny's mom

While on Sdumo, I have to say this… wow!! I know Danny won the CAOTW and I won’t take the glory from him (ahh sweet thing was so excited and mommy was there to celebrate with him) but Sdumo, Sdumo, Sdumo. The brother is just a pleasure to watch. Every week I sit on that set and I am blown away. Not that he does anything spectacular but even in his subtlety he still manages to bring some genuine emotions to the characters he plays every week. I have hinted before that if I had the power to choose a “Leading Man” Sdumo would not be my first choice BUT if my decision rested solely on the merit of acting proficiency, he would definite get my vote. The brotha is an actor with or without the title of being Class Act Leading Man. And just so you know I don’t care about his hair because I think it adds to his enigmatic persona. He scares me sometimes but I love that he is not too predictable and that element of mystery about him just makes him every more interesting… to me atleast.

I hear whoever wins this will star in his MOVIE written specially for him. Yes, the project has finally got underway and the movie has a title. The man with the magic touch Tendeka, ofJerusalema fame, will be producing the movie. Awesome news.

Congratulations to the MuziDannyGregg and Sdumo for being the last 4. Just for the record guys; I was very impressed with your performances.

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