Class Act: The Villains Episode

So many notable things happened on the villain episode; Malusi got booted out, the show attracted a full house in audience numbers, Kenny found his footing, Mothusi Magano dazzled in his performance and raised the bar for the guys… phew… HOWEVER I would like to focus on the CLASS ACT OF THE WEEK issue because I have a feeling it’s gonna raise some debate. Greg won the award for the 3rd time in a row. The moment they announced that he had won, AGAIN, I looked to see the reaction from the guys and you should have seen the look on Sdumo and Muzi’s faces. They looked crushed you would have thought they had just been eliminated. Oddly enough without even thinking too hard about it, I understood exactly what was going through their minds. More disturbing though, was the thought in my mind that this little moment could sabotage the judges' credibility. Ok, I know it sounds like I am being over dramatic but as I sat there watching those guys on that stage; I saw a light dim for both Sdumo and Muzi. They were like little boys who run to their mother to show her how great they have done in their school report and the mother isn’t interested.

Sdumo gave a “Fantastic” and “Engaging” performance according to the judges and I fully concur with that. Muzi got mixed reviews, I personally thought his performance was not good at all but he looked the part and sold the scene by just being Muzi. The best performance for the night was definitely Greg. His performance was believable without being over the top. I bought that performance so did the judges. To be honest he deserved the award for just that performance IF the contestants were being judged by their WEEKLY performances but clearly they are not.

Fana Mokoena, in his role as guest judge, was cut off trying to explain why Greg was awarded the Class Act of the Week for the 3rd time in a row. In the show’s facebook page this statement was posted to make up for that unfortunate moment;

"The award went to someone who shows commitment to the work. Greg shows that he is working hard - and consistently so. The other guys clearly have the talent, but they need to up the commitment levels! I'm certain that the award is not necessarily an indication of who the judges think should win. It is, instead, an indication of who they think shows the commitment to the work. Great show tonight!"

Ok, why the need to explain? Someone knows that this doesn’t look good. Let’s be frank. A mistake was made and now it’s coming back to haunt the judges. When Greg was awarded the second CAOTW immunity I didn’t think he deserved it. On the NOIR episode both Greg and Muzi gave brilliant performance but Muzi’s was better. The judges felt they should give the award to Greg as he has shown consistency over the duration of the show. Ok, fair enough but Sdumo has shown consistency too.

The issue here is “Did it really have to be 3 times?” and the consistency excuse does not hold water for me. At this point it does definitely look like the judges are protecting Greg from elimination. Greg wanted me to say something to him after the show and I couldn't. He had a brilliant night and I didn’t wanna take that away from him and I knew I couldn’t lie to him too so I chose to avoid talking to him. I knew I would have to address this situation in my review and I would have rained on his parade. Greg is committed, dedicated and a focused actor. He always delivers however if the judges had not given him the award when he didn’t deserve it we would not be in this “situation” now. I thought CLASS ACT OF THE WEEK would be given to whoever gives the best performance of that WEEK. I think the mistake was made when that was abandoned and the “CONSISTENCY” reasoning took precedence.

The other guys are giving it all they can in this show. The performances have improved so much and the show is great to watch.  I talked to Tendeka and he shared the same sentiment that the guys have grown as actors since the audition process. Problem here would be if the guys were to feel that they are giving their best and that’s being ignored because of this “consistency” thing. If that’s the case it means only Greg would win the award every week because some of the other guys have had bad weeks in the show. If the award is not about the performance of that particular week and it’s merit is based on sentimental reasons, why not give it to Danny next week for having come from a dismal performance in the first episode to top five. That’s reason enough; “we give this awards to Danny because he went from mediocre actor to now being a potential STAR”. Danny has improved a lot so that would be an encouragement for him if the judges wanna play Mary Poppins with  the contestants

I will reiterate it, Greg gave the best performance of the week and deserved the award BUT because previously he got the award when he really didn’t deserve it, his glory is now clouded in doubt. The statement about consistency just made it worse. All you needed to say was just that he was the best on that episode… but wait now you can’t just say that because last week he was not the best for the episode and he got it… darn I guess you gonna have to stick with that “consistency” line.

Anyway, congrats to Greg for yet another brilliant performance and I’m sorry that he can’t just enjoy the glory. He is a brilliant performer and has the potential to win this so keep voting guys so that the judges won’t be caught in this pickle again


The suspense on revealing who was going home was brilliant. I was so engaged that my heart was actually palpitating when Kenny took his time to say the name. That music :)  Nicely played, Kenny!!

A CHAT WITH FANA MOKOENA, will be uploaded tomorrow. Sponono and Timone's questions answered. All of them even the "dashing Dr" one


Just in case you didnt notice, tha boyz look ripped. Thanks to the personal trainer the boyz look good in those vests :)

Thanks to Tat  for some of the pics

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