The Dineo Saga

Just caught an episode of Generations. Funny how you can miss a whole month of Gen and when you see it after all that time you can catch up on the storyline within the first 4 minutes. Of course Dineo is still hung up on Paul… Sigh!!

Ok let me for a sec forget that these are fictional characters and pretend that Paul and Dineo are real people. I would assume that if any of Dinoe’s friends were to ask her about her “relationship” with Paul she would most likely say it’s COMPLICATED. On the surface, yes that would seem like an accurate depiction of the tumultuous situation little Dini has found herself entangled in.

On that note let’s decipher Dini’s situation. “Heifer Pleeeezzzz” ... yes there I said it. Anybody who feels sorry for Dini is living in a fool’s paradise. Dineo knew what she was getting herself into when she started flirting with Paul. 

Let me not even touch on the arghh factor of the situation given that Paul was her bother in law and her dead child was Paul’s nephew by his other nephew… blah blah… phew I am confused myself.

 Should Paul have made advances on Dineo? Of course not but Dini had the power to say NO. I know some people will say why should it be a woman’s responsibility to say no when a man should not start the whole thing to begin with. 

“Well, look who’s hurting now” will be my response to that. Dineo is now miserable while Paul is having the best of both worlds. The man is still getting “some” from Karabo and if Dineo lets him he would be sleeping with her too.

                                       "If only I could be with egg right now"

“It’s complicated.”
That is a pathetic excuse for pathetic people and trust me I know… I have been one of them. These words simply means you are in a relationship with someone that is most likely not that into you.

The only complication there is that you are an idiot to allow him/her to get away with it. When people say “it’s Complicated” it always screams low self esteem. Love should not be complicated.

You either are in loving relationship with someone or you are not, PERIOD. Hey, if the relationship is all about sex, then put the cards on the table. Make all intentions clear prior to getting in too deep so that there won’t be any expectation later.

If he/she is your booty call then let him/her know that so that he/she can make the choice to play along or not. That way she/he will have no bases to call you a user when you dump them for somebody else.

                                           "Oh no he didint just kiss that slut"

I hate it when people get into a relationship without setting the boundaries or making their expectations clear and they call you names when you end it with them. You find that people will say “It just happened”.

Well… when it “happens” PAUSE (I know that when hormones are raging that might be hard), put your horniness aside for a sec and make sure that you both know what you getting yourself into. Is this just sex or are we expecting it to be more?

Nothing annoys me like people who always moan that the other person “used” them. If your brain is working properly nobody can ever use you. You make a choice to be used because one way or the other you always know when the other person is not on the same page as you.

However instead of confronting that you will stay with them and then cry foul later when they are not interested in playing along anymore.


Dineo is a seemingly smart woman but she has let herself fall into this trap of thinking you can play games with people’s lives. The thing about games is that not everybody follows the rules and someone has to loose in the end. 

Paul is with Karabo however long that lasts. He has a warm body next to him every night while Dineo is tossing and turning on her bed alone worried about how they are going to be together. 

Even if she ends up with Paul in the end, can she ever be fully happy in that relationship given the way it started. The reality is that most relationships that start from infidelity never last. 

Inevitably one party will always think the other is doing to them what she/he did to his previous partner. It’s like the thing about “honour among thieves”, what honour? You can never trust a thief especially when you are a thief yourself. 

In essence the fact that Dineo and Paul’s attraction to each, or call it love if you will, developed from infidelity unfortunately spells disaster for them in future. 

A man’s intelligence is sadly quite often tainted by an egotistic attitude whereas a smart woman is always keen to listen and learn more every day. Having said that, most intelligent women seem to be the one who are prone to make the dumbest decisions when it comes to relationships. 

How can these women who are successful and exude confidence be so screwed up when it comes to the choices they make with regard to their partners? Next time you find yourself having to defend your relationship with someone by using the term “it’s complicated” take a moment and think about it. 

Is it really complicated or are you the one who is complicated? When you know why you two are together regardless of the nature of that relationship then it’s not complicated. 

Even when you don’t know where the other person stands it’s still not complicated because you choose not to confront the issue.

                            katlego Danke

Goodluck to Dineo and any other “Dineos” of the world

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