ISIDINGO Disappointments

I am an unhappy man… no I am actually livid. I have always been a soapie slut and could never really commit to one soapie. However I had a special relationship with Isidingo. I knew that no-matter what happens between the other soapies and I, I could always count on Isidingo to keep me entertained. To me Isidingo has always been like that reliable someone that one has in their lives. You know the kind that really doesn’t get that much praise and glory but can always be trusted to deliver when it needs be.

Generations has it’s moments but they fade fast and are far in between; Rhythm Cityhas totally lost the paraffin speed it had early this year; Scandal can change time slots and title sequences but it would still be the kind of show that one just stumbles across when channel surfing; 7de Laan is just 7de Laan… cute!!! 

And then there is ISIDINGO, you know that if you looking for compelling storylines, brilliant acting and consistent momentum you will find it on this show.

Isidingo has managed to have a solid pull on viewership for quite some time now because it has always managed to stay relevant and engaging to its viewers. You don’t just happen to watch Isidingo, you switch on that television to watch it. 

Of late though I find myself watching the show and thinking, “What the hell...?”. Ever since the show abandoned its signature approach (ie not to chase ratings but employ good storylines and have the viewers running to the show and cementing the show’s relationship with its loyal fans) it has now become a bit too silly in falling to commercial conformity.

The ship started sinking when they hired the president’s daughter. To be fair Gugu Zuma is a bona-fide actress in her own right but unfortunately her sudden appearance on the show when daddy was the hottest name on the news was a bit suspect. 

The character Lesedi, has fared well in the show thus far and Ms Zuma has proven her prowess as an actress on the show... until last week. There I was watching the show and Lesedi is getting a make-over… a makeover? What is this Oprah?. Then the worst happened when she unveiled her new look. 

She looked ridiculous in a wig and that red number..argh!!!. Ok, Gugu is no Claire Mawisa but she is not that bad looking either. Unfortunately the new look made her look like a drag queen. I was left thinking “Have they ran out of storylines for Lesedi and are they so desperate to keep the Pres.’s daughter in the show that they would compromise the show’s reputation by doing silly make over storylines like this?”

The arrival of Ace on The Deep was supposed to be this huge thing but it has unfortunately failed dismally to impress me. Sisa Hewana is a good looking guy and clearly has “some” talent in him but he is just not a perfect fit for the show maybe he’d be more suited for Generations. 

He is constantly smiling, I just wanna scream at the tv sometimes and just say “close your mouth bro”. There is clearly chemistry between him and Nandipha but his sexual innuendos are just cheesy and a bit immature. 

This is supposed to be some dashing big shot but he comes across as a wanna-be who is trying way too hard to be “sexy” or “a playa”. The scene where he was talking to MaAgnes about the possibility of him buying the The Rec was stale at best. Sisa obviously still has a long way to go and going toe to toe with Keketso amplified his lack of experience. 

Keketso stole the scene from him and he just looked so amateurish with that annoying grin on his face. Hopefully given time he will improve.

Everybody is raving about the fact that Cherel will be returning to The Deep. I, however, am a bit on the fence about it. What would Cherel possibly be doing on The Deep? 

I know in soapie land people getaway with murders, the rise from the dead.... etc, but sometimes it just looked ridiculous when a show just ignores all logic and just pushes lame storylines to get popular actors back in the show. 

Isidingo has always dealt with real issues to a point where they always tried to keep as close to real life scenarios as possible. They set themselves up and raised the bar, they would now look like fools if they suddenly went back on that and started falling into the “soapie” fantasy trap. 

Should Cherel come back to the deep would she be held accountable for her actions prior to leaving? Would everybody on The Deep suddenly have amnesia and welcome her back with open arms? Well I guess one would have to wait and see how they pull this one off.

I am still an avid Isidingo fan and will probably be as long as the acting and plots are as good as they have always been. I might not be happy with what I am seeing on the show right now but I have faith that the show will bounce back. 

If however judging by the sudden developments, the show does not remember its core audience and focuses more on frivolous PR stunts to keep its audience; it would definitely lose any credibility as Mzansi’s no1 soapie in terms of artistic brilliance.

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