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Never has a topic devided human beings over a famous person like the trial of OJ Simpson. Well all that changed this April as the war of words and conflicting opinions came spewing out of pro-Oprah and anti-Oprah bloggers. I received the story about Oprah Biography on the 15th via my blogspot account links. I was tempted to dismiss the book as the usual malicious slander that some people resort to, to make money off of other human beings who happen to have made it in life. However when I saw that the unauthorized biography of Ms Oprah Winfrey will be written by Kitty Kelly I thought, “oh this is gonna be good”

Kitty Kelley is no JK Rowlings but if you are an avid reader of biographies like I am the name would be familiar to you. Kelley has penned books on famous subjects such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Frank Sinatra and Nancy Reagan - and never been successfully sued for libel or forced to retract a written statement. 

Her books on these personalities are unauthorized thus giving them independent representation of the subject’s life. I have made it known to you guys that I have ambitions to become an entertainment commentator and I have to say Kitty Kelly has been one of my inspiration. 

The stance that I have taken of not doing a Q&A style of reporting on the interviews I have with celebrities is strongly inspired by her books.

Oprah with her mother whom she never talks about

When I opened the links I saw that Oprah will be the subject of Kelley’s latest book. I knew I had to make a decision. I love both women but as I have stated before, I think Oprah has some “issues”. I wrote about some of the things I have noticed about her in the article I wrote about the Precious Disqualification. 

Today I rushed to Exclusive books and got myself a copy. In this book, the author goes further than just relying on anonymous sources and tired old gossip material. The book exposes the Queen of Talk as a liar with revelations of a sordid past.

With quotes like;
“Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches I have no idea…I love Oprah and I love all the good work she does for others, but I do not understand the lies that she tells. She has been doing it for years now” – Katherine Carr Esters (cousin)

“Then Gayle King called me. ‘Mr Winfrey, how dare you do a book,‘ she said. ‘No one cares about you. No one wants to read about you. The only reason anyone on Earth would be interested in what you have to say is because of Oprah’” - Vernon Winfrey (father) quoting Gayle

“Gayle is nothing but a street heifer, I’ve never been talked to like that, so disrespectful, in my life. I told Oprah later the only reason I didn’t cuss Gayle out right then and there and call he the word that begins with a B and sounds like WITCH was because I cutting a preacher’s hair and didn’t want to talk ugly in front of him. I told Oprah I’d have nothing more to do with Gayle King ever again. I still feel the same way about that dirt hog Gayle” – Vernon Winfrey (father)

“I have confronted her and asked, ‘Why do you tell such lies?’ Oprah told me, ‘that’s what people want to hear. The truth is boring, Aunt Katherine. People don’t want to be bored they want stories with drama.’ She is not straight with the truth”

Since the beginning of her rise to the top, Oprah has regaled her audiences with stories of how poor and ill treated she was growing up. She is now alleged to have played on her audience like a kitten batting a ball of yarn. 

It’s important to note that Kitty Kelley is renowned for exposing the truth behind the personas these big stars put on. She has never been sued or being ordered to retract any of her revelations in her books which can be construed as a sign that what she writes is accurate. 

Therefore, Oprah fans might be disturbed by the content of this book. Simply put, the revelations in the book paints Oprah as someone who is an enemy of the truth ...

My copy of the book

I am half way through the book and it’s shocking. It’s amazing how some of the thoughts one might have had while watching Oprah saying or doing something that made you cringe, is suddenly put into perspective. I never understood why Oprah was so obsessed with befriending every biggest star in the world and now I do.

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