Rewards From DA For No SEX

That boring party-pooper Helen Zille woman and her party DA apparently want to reward Western Cape teens for not getting pregnant. What?! No sex. To make matters worse the spoil-sport won’t even give them cash, the reward will be EDUCATION. 

Our government rewards us for making babies with money that we can buy booze with and make even more babies we can’t look after and this bloody DA is gonna tell us to go get an education? Yerrrrrre my broer…Viva Julius, Viva ANC!!

On a serious note: The Democratic Allliance’s proposed campaign according to Social Development is aimed at restoring the family unit and reducing poverty. The opposition party wants to reward sexual responsibility with incentives such as bursaries. 

Nothing wrong with that idea, actually I will boldly say it’s a brilliant idea given that our government has taken a different approach to this issue that has done nothing but make the problem of teenage pregnancy worse. 

The only problem with this DA campaign is that it may not have the pull factor for the target group it’s aiming this at. Logistically the DA has a daunting task ahead of them.

South Africa happens to be one of the biggest welfare states with an annual grants budget of over R89 billion. Upon reading William Saunderson Meyer’s article I also learnt that teen pregnancy doubled in Gauteng in the years that followed the introduction of child support grant. 

Ok, that plan clearly isn’t working. Fact here is that the ANC’s policy on averting teen promiscuity and pregnancy is failing and has thus far yielded counter-effect results. 

Juxtapose that to what the DA is proposing and the DA comes out looking like messiah who will rid our nation of the Sodom and Gomorrah way of life our youth has gotten accustomed to.

To be fair on the ANC led government, the social grant system hasn’t really been a total failure. Many destitute families have benefited from it. It’s a sad reality that due to the scourge of Aids many households in our nation are headed my kids. 

The social grant has helped to alleviate the burden of parenthood from this kids who have inevitably become parents to their siblings. The DA’s campaign would more or less have the same effect in a long run though not in an instant hard-cash way but in helping this kids get the education they will need to be able to better their lives when they reach 18 and the grants from the government stop thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

It’s also important to note that the ANC and its supporters will be quick to point out that a study done by Human Science Resources Council concluded that there were no grounds to believe that young girls are having babies in order to get the social grants. 

I will admit that the notion that someone would go through the stress of pregnancy and pain of labour just to get R250 a month does seem absurd but there have been stories of girls who dump their babies with old grannies and cash in on the grants. 

Vicky would be earning R1500 a month on social grants if she were South African
Another fact is that South African population is growing fast and more worryingly is the fact that our economy, though on a rise, is struggling to keep up. 

Not addressing the issue of teen pregnancy would mean that more and more teens will not be educated as they drop out of schools to have babies who will in turn grow up in poverty and repeat the cycle again

In essence one cannot fault the DA’s campaign as it seems like a good idea that could have far reaching positive results in the future. Sex is thrust in our faces everywhere these days. 

Porn is readily available on our city streets like ama-skopas. How the hell do you expect the youth to not hump like mares in constant heat when the temptations are laid bare to them 24 hours on every street pavement and tv channel. 

I can’t help but wonder how the DA will convince horny teens to part with their “booze and hanky-panky galore” life and hit the books. Good luck with that!!!

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