World Cup Party Pooper

I made a conscious decision not to engage in any world cup debate. With patriotic euphoria sweeping the nation it would undoubtedly be treason for anyone to speak ill of this event. However after watching the news tonight I feel compelled to use my blog to raise the voice of this people who are being exploited and ill-treated in the name of WORLD CUP. Is this what patriotism is about?

Yes Phillip is here but let us not forget that he is not here to stay. On the 11th of July our nation that has practically being handed over to FIFA will return to our hands and sadly so will the problems that we seem to be sweeping under the rug. 

I was appalled watching the police dragging women into police vans in Capetown simply because these stadium security workers are demanding their money from the security company, STALLION. Yes such events might put a dent on our “goody-goody” image we trying to project to the world but what does this actually say about us. 

I have always said that this nation is an epitome of hypocrisy. We preach rainbow nation and ubuntu to the world yet any South African will tell you that in reality those sentiments are just that; sentiments.

Now in a bid to appease the world we are letting a company like STALLION exploit our people and instead of our government stepping in to hold this company accountable, police are sent in to hurl our people in to police vans and shoot them like common criminals. This is a disgrace. 

It’s amazing how blabber-mouths like Malema are now silent at this atrocities being committed against our people. It’s sad that we cannot educate our kids but we have billions of rands to play nice to the international community with by hosting this event. 

Instead of debating the appalling numbers behind South Africans who will directly benefit from this event we are debating about vuvuzelas. I was shocked to learn that only about 0.5% of South Africans will increase their company or personal net worth as a result of world cup being held on our soil. 

Not surprising that the percentage is comprised by politicians and those people directly affiliated with LOC, SAFA & FIFA.


Given that regular Joe and Jane won’t get much out of the World Cup is it then too much to ask for them not to be exploited too. All this people are asking for is payment for the service they rendered for this company.

Don't mean to rain on everybody's parade... I just thought we should take a moment to acknowledge the suffering of our fellow South Africans in the name of hosting a successful world cup.


*pics not from the Capetown strike but from other strikes that occurred before the WC

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