Living The Dream

I have always been a dreamer. As Oprah puts it “I live gratitude, I preach gratitude, I am gratitude”. This year has been an amazing ride for me and it’s all because of you reading this right now. I am grateful for every opportunity I have had to do what I love and if all goes well, by this time next year I will be living my dream. 

One thing that has inspired me all through this ride is watching other big dreamers like myself getting the opportunity to live those dreams. 

More importantly is how many of them still remain as humble and content as they were before they got the opportunities to shine.

One person who is inspiring me everytime I hear his name is a 12 year old American boy called Greyson Michael Chance. Yeah you probably heard this before especially with the likes of Justin Bieber becoming famous over night and having a cult-like following. 

Before you start rolling your eyes and saying ‘not another one” I plead with you to take 4 minutes out of your life to listen to this boy sing. He first burst in to the spotlight when his video hit with his rendition of Lady Gaga’s Papparazi. What’s so special about his performance is that he took the song and made it his own. 

To be honest I don’t think he is the greatest singer ever discovered on the internet however Greyson unlike Justin Bieber has that special quality about him that makes you just want to hug him. He still has the innocence of a 12 year old.

You have to have been living in a rock for the past 8 months if you haven’t heard of Justin Bieber. My problem with the boy is that his career, though bright as it is shining now, is catapulted by manufactured fame. He is pushed into the spotlight so vigorously that any sane person would get chills at the amount of blatant exploitation that surrounds the boy. 

At the end of the day this is a boy and he should just be that; A BOY. Instead what you see is typical money making Hollywood hooohah where he is concerned. He is probably the most famous boy singer in the world right now. The problem with such over exposure is that it could have dire consequences in later years for the boy as he doesn’t have a childhood. Think Britney Spears or better yet Michael Jackson, need I say more?

With Greyson, it’s his talent that is causing the buzz and after seeing the boy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show I have to say, I am very impressed at how down-to-earth and composed he is about all the attention he is getting. I love that he is more excited about some Ice cream (or whatever it is he was talking about) being named after him in his hometown. 

He has over 30 milllion hits on his youtube video and all he is excited about is that “ice cream” thing. He is very articulate and just a normal boy. He is not on magazines and shows bragging about the amount of girls who give him attention like the other ‘boy’ is. What I gathered from the interviews that I have seen of Greyson is that he has a good support system from his family. 

His parents didn’t just sign him off to some record label and let him be used as some sex idol at 12. While Justin Bieber is worried about how famous his “hair-flip” is, Greyson is writing songs and honing his craft as not just a musician but an ARTIST.

Fame at a young age can really damage one’s life. Child stars like Tatum O’neal (the youngest Oscar winner in history), Gary Oldman, Danny Bonaduce, to name but a few are a testament to that. The problem is that when you are young you are cute and adorable and your talent is seen as something special coming from someone your age. 

However nature has to take its cause and you age then that’s where it becomes difficult because without the added bonus of being cute when you are an adult your talent alone will not get you very far. Hence many child stars struggle to have the same appeal when they get older. 

The commercialization of Justin Bieber could hurt him in future. He is growing and some of his features will change. Unless he keeps riding the tween sex-symbol boat he will be yesterday’s news by the time he is 21. 


Greyson on the other hand has a good chance of growing with his career because the focus is not just on his looks and sex appeal (cant’s believe I am using words like that for kids but that’s the nature of the business these days) but on his talent as a musician.

Being a big dreamer myself I am taken by Greyson’s ride to stardom. One rule that I have always lived with is that prayers and dreams alone will not get you very far. One needs to work hard to get himself out there. 

It took me 8 years since I made the decision to enroll in a Drama Institution and be part of this industry for me to actually have my name be noticed. Six months ago Blaque’s Korner was just any other blog online and now I am getting emails from celebrity publicists saying we love your blog would love for you to interview our client. I took the initiative to start this blog and make it a success by taking what I do here seriously. 

Many people get into this industry, they get an agent then sit around waiting for a call to come for them to go to auditions. The “I was in a bank throwing a tantrum and a Hollywood agent spotted me” thing might have worked for Charlize Theron but you are not Charlize and you don’t know if that story is 100% accurate. 

I am working on a project with a prominent “industry” company right now and this could change my life. All this happened because I didn’t just sit around and wait for someone to spot my blog and then approach me. With every opportunity I got to mingle with people who have power to make me achieve my dreams I made sure that they knew my name and what I do. 

The moral of the story here is; DREAMS DO COME TRUE but you have to put in something for that to happen. I am not very religious but even the bible says “God helps those who help themselves”. Greyson’s brother saw the talent in him and then took posted it on youtube, when that didn’t yield expected results he wrote to Ellen. Next thing, Greyson was performing on Ellen’s show and the rest as they is history. Hey world Greson has arrived.

I know this kind of music might not be everybody’s cup of tea but I love Greyson and want my fans and online friends to support him. Watch his video on youtube and be part of over 30million people who have watched his video. 

Remember; for every dream to be a reality you will need the help of others, be they strangers or family, so do not forget to show some gratitude.

Love you all, Blaque


TechnoCountry said...

He is a talented kid. But, those girls looked bored with his performance. Others looked like "I don't know how I am supposed to act here; what am I supposed to do?"

blaquekorner said...

lol, they are paying attention :)

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