Blogger Goes Too Far

I was woken up today by a frantic phone call from an actor friend of mine. Problem? Well, it would appear that Just Curious blogger, Phathu has just taken what many in the industry have fought for 10 years back. I read Pathu's article “Is E-TV Exploiting Black Producers?”. 

Much of what is written on the article is based on personal opinion and hear-say, afterall that's what blogging is about. It is an interesting read because whether you agree with his opinions or not you are bound to take a second and think about his point.

Granted, the industry could do a whole lot better but to perpetuate ignorance by calling industry veterans like Mary Makhato nobodies goes beyond insult. 

When my friend called me he raised an important point about black people always complaining that we do not have enough local shows on tv and now when someone finally does something we go on a tirade by berating them as leeches who exploit BLACK people. I have to be honest upon reading the article with its many inaccuracies I too felt it was a bit deplorable.

Yes, the shows are not of Desperate Housewives quality and lord knows I have been preaching the fact that as South Africans we should not just accept mediocre in the name of patriotism but given what the first season on Ekasi stories was like and what it is now I can not differ with you more. 

The first season of Ekasi Stories was CRAP however the channel and the production companies behind the series have honestly tried to make the show better. How can you call someone like Baby Cele a “nobody who can not even act”. 

Am I missing something here? A multi award winning stage and tv actress is a nobody?

Ronnie Nyakale, who is by far one of the best young actors we have in this country... sadly he gets type cast in tv roles but see him on stage you will be in awe of his talent. Many of the young actors on the second season may not be your Generations-like stars but they can very much put those “stars” to shame with their raw talent. 

We are quick to roll out the red carpet for any of those Generations actors yet we can not appreciate the fact that the industry needs to grow and more young talented people need to be given the opportunity to shine. If the show had full cast of known actors we would be complaining that we tired of the same faces on our screen all the time.

Our industry is small and I expect someone who is clearly clued up about the industry to be susceptible to that fact. We need to accept where our industry is and stop trying to compare ourselves to well accomplished industries like Hollywood. 

Does exploitation happen in SA entertainment industry? Yes it does, every day but to all of the sudden brand an entire channel as a monster based solely on personal opinion is irresponsible.

Makisto tackled the issue of the independence on the media/journalism on his blog when the whole hoohah with the ANC ensued and you guys had a good debate about it. Now here is one for you; Yes, blogging is not 'really' journalism. 

We are not bound by any code of conduct and what we write about is subjective and influenced by personal opinion rather than facts. However does that mean we have to use that freedom to debase anybody? 

Quite often most bloggers hide behind anonymous name to commit this atrocious acts of character assassination however when someone who clearly knows better falls into the same abyss, it's a call for concern.

I have my own issues with etv and trust me this is not a “suck up to etv” thing. I think it's disconcerting for the channel to bombard its viewers with wrestling all the time. To be honest I hardly even watch the channel as it does not cater for my tv viewing interest. 

The only show I watch religiously on the channel is 3rd Degree. I however love this industry and have many friends in it, by that virtue if someone is doing something positive to afford this industry the opportunity to feed it's people I will applaud them.

Yes there has been many incidents of exploitation and believe you me it's not only with etv but I think the tirade on Pathu's article is misguided. I hope for good measure he would apologise to Mary Makhato and Baby Cele for calling them nobodies. 

Our industry does not extend the courtesy of respect to the older generation that has made it possible for me to be writing this right now, the last thing we need is for us as bloggers to do the same as well. 

Writing controversial article is exciting but like any exciting indulgence it can get out of hand. We are all entitled to our opinions and lord knows I have written things on my blog that I sometimes look back and wish I had taken the time to think about it before pressing that “publish” tab.

Those who read Phatu's article will know that he tackled other issues beside the actors. I am aware of that and chose to write about the actors only. There will be more to this story once all the facts have been verified. Yes, some of us do try to use facts rather than hear-say.

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