The Odd Couple

The perfect couple, you see it everywhere. On your favourite show, in your favourite movie, in the ads you watch, on your magazine cover, hell even atop your wedding cake. What you don't know or what you chose not to know is that there is no such thing as the perfect couple. One thing, that perfect couple in you screen does not have to deal with is small annoying habits that come with that perfect body. As for those two on top of the cake; they hardly ever look at each other so clearly there are some issues there.

The reality however is that the world is dominated by the ODD couples not Brangelinas. You may not see them much on your tv or magazines but they are the ones who make the world. Unfortunately we never wants to appreciate them without putting any judgement on their relationships. 

It happens to us all the time... that evil little voice inside of us that prompts you to stare or make a snide remark when you see it. You might be in one or you know someone who is one.

When Khapela in Generations had a thing with Cleo some of us cringed at the thought that an old beaded man is tapping gorgeous Cleo's goodies. The thought that a pretty girl can be in a relationship with a slightly older man has and will always be branded as somewhat taboo. Lets not even touch the Khanyi situation.

We do it all the time. A friend introduces us to his or her new lover and the fast thing we say, “He/She is not you type”. Firstly we do not know a single thing about that person but just from first impression (based solely on looks) we judge them. 

Our friends are supposed to know us better than anybody else so would this be a matter of a friend looking out for your best interest or just plain judgemental behaviour?


In an episode in Season 4 of Desperate Housewives; Carlos is looking to hire a new VP for his company. He decides to hire his college ex-girlfriend and Gabby fumes... until she sees the woman. 

Carlos's ex happens to be a full figured woman and upon seeing that Gabby felt comfortable with her working with Carlos... until she learns that Carlos slept with this woman just as fat as she is. 

Of course Gabby could not comprehend the thought that a man who finds her irresistible could find a chubby girl just as appealing.

Then you walk in a mall and an overweight man and a thin woman pass by holding hands. What's the first thought on your mind? Do you think that's cute that they have found love or do you just think “I wonder how they do it when they are having sex”

Here is what we know for a fact:

Most of us are shallow and prejudice whether we might admit it or not. Our idea of a perfect couple is some Ken and Barbie farce we have been indoctrinated to idolise by mainstream media. Our television shows are filled with such "perfect couples” that we expect our everyday life to have them too. 

Sadly not everybody is that lucky. Sometimes when love comes it will not be wrapped in a muscle clad chiseled bod or some stick thin Naomi Campbell look-alike. In some cases for Sbu it will come from Thabo and not Thandi.

You might be looking for a model and you meet Joe with umkhaba wakhe and you fall for him. Quite often the guys and girls who are deprived in the conventional good looks department tend to be a bit more attentive in relationships. They are able to appreciate their lovers beyond the frivolous facade of beauty and that can be very attractive.

                                                        Thug Love

My question now is: When you see “The ODD Couple” what's the first thing that comes to mind?

- Oh they must really love each other
- what is she/he doing with him/her
- I wonder how they do IT

Or you just don't even notice...

Can two people who are total opposite of each just fall in love without there being some other incentives like MONEY or STATUS?

If you are dating some who is not in your league, can you tell us what the attraction to that person is?  

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