Product Placement Taken Too Far

Generations has been doing it for years now. As soon as a company puts their money behind the show its viewers are subjected to lame storylines that incoporate that brand. Companies like Pep and Capitec bank have enjoyed having Generations viewers being fed information about their product or service.

Now it would seem SABC 3 viewers will not have any of that. Immediately after last night's episode of the channel's new boring show, No Reservations, the viewers were livid at the blatant and deplorable product endorsement of a Glomail product the ladies made on the show. Of course the show tried to play off the advertising ploy as if there was no agenda behind it. Problem: they probably would have gotten away with it if they the channel hadn't thrown in 2 adverts which ran during one ad break just after that.

OK here's the deal, I do not mind having product placements or endorsement in shows BUT it has to be done right. Generations has failed dismally to come up with a clever way of using this advertising space and incorporate them into their storylines. My problem with what happened last night on No Reservation is that they lied to their audience with Katie Mohamed (one of the presenters) pretending to use the product.

Katie presented the slimy snail goo product as something personal when it's now clear that that was a planned product endorsement by the show. Now are we really supposed to take these shows seriously when tha SABC's advertising division is pushing their agendas in every show they air. We all know the broadcaster has some financial issues but do we really have to be subjected to this kind of ambush advertising?


It's been very apparent for a while that our entertainment industry especially the tv sector has no respect for its viewers. With lame storylines, constant reruns and misuse of airtime to sell sponsors' products one can't really be surprised at this new low SABC 3 has sunk to. From a personal point of view I find this oblivion to the fact that viewers are not stupid disheartening.


I am all for good and clever advertising but clearly if the channels can not come up with new and interesting concepts for shows then coming up with subtle clever ways to use product placements will be impossible. Still, do not insult our intelligence by blatant lying to our faces when all you doing is pushing advertising commitments.


Anyway Glomail is very happy today as the deplorable incident is in every tv blog in Mzansi. Every publicity is good publicity!!

So guys what do you think about product placements? Should advertising be incorporated in shows or should they just be left to ad breaks?

NB: I am not talking about shows like Class Act that are clearly sponsored by a specific brand.

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