Catt Saddler and Sal Masekela are no more on E!. The once popular show (and I have to admit - my fav) has been given the boot by the the channel. Rumours are abound that the decision to can the show may have had something to do with a tasteless homophobic joke one of the hosts made about Adam Lambert. I doubt that was the only reason as the show seem to have lost it's steam over the months especially with shows like The Kardashians and Chelsea Lately becoming more and more popular ob the channel.

The other for me was the repeat of the same stories that E! News ran. I don't know what the flight schedule for the show in the US is but in South Africa having the show run back-to-back was just stupid as they had the same stories. You had Catt and Sal throwing the same lame lines that 15minutes later you hear on E! News. From the 1st of October we will be saying shap-shap to the show.

Anyhoooo... we'll miss them.

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