Has Rhythm City Found A Cure For Being Gay?

I have been watching a lot of Rhythm City lately mainly because one of my favourite South African actors, Fana Mokoena is now on it. I hear his stint on the show is not for a long time but it's good to see veterans like him giving these young actors a run for their money.

Truth be told with all the youth shows we have and have had in this country Rhythm City has managed to unleash a force of young talent this country has never seen. I am forever in awe of the these new faces who come in and just blaze on that screen. 

One would expect a show with a young cast to have external divarish tantrums interferering with the acting but everytime I watch the show I am amazed at how they manage to leave their egos at home and deliver on set. Or maybe not ......

One thing (sadly) has piqued my attention since I have been watching the show for the past two weeks after a while not watching it. It seems like the writers of RC have had some amnesia or something. The last time I checked Thula, played by Wright Ngubeni, was gay. 

Before Jason and Senzo made national news by locking lips on Generations, Thula and Senzo shared a passionate coming out lip smacker on Rhythm City.

Now all of the sudden it would appear that Thula has been miraculously “cured” of his gayness. I don't know but where I come from two boys will not share a kiss and just forget especially when other people would know about it. It seems everybody on Rhythm City land has forgotten about Thula and Senzo's rather shortlived romance.

Could this sudden amnesia from the writers have anything to do with the rumour that young Wright Ngubeni had issues with playing a gay character? If that's the case why would a big company like etv jeopardise their credibility by allowing Rhythm City writers to dance to actors' tune?

What is acting? Aren't actors supposed to be able to portray characters that do not mirror their real life? The standard of acting and story telling in this country is fast losing its audience pulling factor. 

The last thing we need is for actors to be making diva demands. If the actor can not perform, fire him as there are plenty of young talented actors who will gladly replace him in a second. At this stage this is just a rumour. I will try and get some answers from etv on the matter.

However whether Wright had anything to do with Thula not being portrayed as gay anymore or not, this whole thing of dumping storylines along the way is so not on. With Stone now back and the character continuing to deal with discrimination I expect Thula to atleast acknowledge him. 

I am not saying they should be an item BUT since the show thrust Thula on our face as being gay the character needs to show that side of himself. Why hasn't Stone made any comment or something about the fact that Thula is gone all straight? ... that's a new plot for you.

Imagine now if all of the sudden Jason on Generations is hitting on girls and nobody on the show is saying anything about it. A situation like that in real life would warrant some comment from the people who know that person. Just saying...


Anonymous said...

Blaque Isn't Thula Bisexual na? So maybe they (RC)arent "dumping" the storyline.Maybe they are trying to show the viewers that being homosexual & bisexual can be confusing if you dont embrace it.

blaquekorner said...

well... I suppose. Still why isnt anybody in the saying something?

GML said...

Blaq: Thula was bisexual. He had a thing for Tshidi.

I think it's quite ok for Rhythm City to give the story line a break, maybe continue with it at a later stage. When Stone is making money. etc.

Nice read!

blaquekorner said...

Love the pic, GML.

khanyi mabena said...

people its simply called acting

Anonymous said...

The writting of Rhythm City is essentially sensationalist, I doubt if one can call it serious drama writting, as the likes of Scandal. It personally doesn't surprise me that they've wholly changed the schema with Thula, they used it then not as a character building device but as a means to garner audience through sensationalist writting. It's definitly entertaining, but it's not quality drama.Of course, all of this sensationalism is ebbed up by the fact that they do genuinely have a cast that can act. Admittedly, they're not the best actors in SA, but they have actors.

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