Homophobia Trumps Racism in South Africa

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote;
“The bird alighneth not on the spread net when it beholds another bird in the snare. Therefore take warning in the misfortunes of others, that others may not take example of you”
The other day I listened in horror as some of my acquaintances vigorously defended Juju and our President. The debate was on the issue the nationalisation of mine and the future of the ANC Youth League. 

I am of the opinion that if the Youth League is allowed to disregard the constitution in the name of transformation what would stop them in future to find an excuse to disregard rights entrenched in our constitution?

We are all aware of the fact that most of our government's policies are covered in a veil of hypocrisy and facade. Our rights, though proudly displayed in our constitution for all to marvel at, are sometimes not worth the paper they are written on. 

As a gay men in this country you are perceived to be an anomalous being that needs to be tolerated for the sake of the “rainbow nation” farce. Our president is quick to call you derogatory names and the ANC Youth League's leaders would not miss a beat in following suit as he too has shared his disapproving sentiments on the issue.

As the debate among my learned friends wore on, on whether having the government owning the country's mineral wealth would benefit the poor, the issue of White VS Black came up. 

What surprised me within this shift in the debate is that once the issue of race came into play my friends who are both GAY suddenly felt it's ok for our leaders to act the way that they do. 

I fully concur that the wealth of this nation should not only be in the hands of a minority while the majority of our people starve. However I think having people who have proven thus far that their only interest is serving their elitist ambitions in control of that wealth will be a huge mistake.

One just needs to look at all the other parastatals in this country to know that having the ruling power in control of all aspects of our economy will not work. Unlike the private sector these parastatals luxurites in the comfort that their biggest shareholder (our government)'s pockets are deep hence they do not have qualms in lining their own pockets with huge salaries and perks. 

Think Eskom; it's managemnet appointed by the government, rewards itself with huge bonus while the country goes into darkness. The people are expected to pay exuberant amounts of money to buy electricity to meet the demand for more infrastructural capacity to cater for the nation's demand for electricity. 

The problem there is that while we have to pay more, the CEOs do not reduce their salaries, instead they still pocket millions. If there is no money to meet the demand for electricity why then doesn't the parastatal reduce the salaries of these overpaid individuals and not expect the poor to pay more for it?

The post-apartheid years saw an injection of acceptance in South Africa from the world in within our own society. Our constitution was deemed the most progressive and every social group imaginable, including gays, were suddenly accepted as part of Madiba's rainbow nation. Sadly much of this was just for show as through the years it has become evident that homosexuals' place in our society is a priviledge rather than a god-given right to exist. 

With that how can the gay society of this country trust that this government will not turn around once they are done with their self enrichment endeavours and turn on their promises? How sure are you that the ANC Youth League will not some day say homosexuality is not part of our “african culture” and therefore should not be legal anymore?

It doesn't sit well with me when a gay man or woman supports these clearly prejudice motivated policies that serve to marginalize one part of our society. If you deny any part of your society to be an active participant in the country's economic activity, you are in effect not just disenfranchising them but are systematically destroying their existence in any facet of society. 

Gay South African especially BLACK gay South Africans should look at what is happening to the white community of this nation and brace themselves for the possibility that they might face the same future. We all know that when it comes to the hierarchy of human existence we are at the bottom. 

Before we rally behind these people who claim to have our best interest at heart let's pause for a moment and think about the future – when they are done with them can we be certain that they would not turn on us.

Case in point

In April during the Terreblanche murder case. Out of the blue there was an issue of sex that came into play. I was a bit uneasy at the manner with which this 'sex card' was being played by the prosecution. I somehow felt that it was used as a diversion from what was perceived as a volatile situation. 

The one thing that the Afrikaner community and the black community in this nation have in common is their HOMOPHOBIA. How convenient that when the call for Juju to account for his 'kill the boer' statement suddenly everybody is asking whether that was a sex crime or a race crime? 

Of course, I wasn't there and do not know what the facts are but I have a brain and for a moment there this whole thing reeked of suspicion that the gay card is being used as a diversion especially after all of the sudden when the situation escalated the prosecution backed down on the sex crime claim.

I am black and love this country dearly BUT I am also gay and love my life. We only have to look at our fellow African brothers across the diaspora to see that when the politicians are done destroying the economy of their countries they turn to the minority groups to divert attention from their acts. 

Atrocities are committed daily against the gay community in Africa and nobody bats an eye except the world's gay community. Sadly we live in a continent that is easily swayed by rants of megalomaniacs and we quickly forget that they are the enemy not two people who want nothing more than to love each other and live in peace. 

Much Love. Have An Awesome Joburg Pride Weekend!!

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I looooooove your articles. Nice piece. Inspiring as usual.

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