Is Will and Jada Smith's little girl, Willow, the next Rihanna?

Frankly I hope not. Rihanna is a talented lady but lately her over sexualised image and lewd stage performances are making more news than her music. With that I hope Willow Smith does not take that as a catalyst to becoming a household name. Afterall the pintsized songstress is not even a teenager yet. I just heard her latest song “whip my hair” and have to say she sounds a lot older than her age.

At 9 she sounds a lot like R&B sensation Rihanna and has been dubbed by some as the next big young thing in music since Justin Bieber. The only difference - she is getting praise for her vocal ability than being a somewhat “sex-symbol” like Mr Bieber.

Whip My Hair has already surpassed expectations by hitting the 100000 hits mark on youtube in one day and has sent twitter into a frenzy about the young starlet. Truth be told if Rihanna had recorded this track it would be a big hit right now. I for one would be playing it non-stop on my iPod. Whoever wrote the track hit the right notes by having a catchy hook like that. It's one of those annoyingly catchy songs that try as you might to hate it, you just can't help it but have it in your head all the time. Think Rihanna's “Umbrella” or Beyonce's “Single Ladies”.

Even other musicians are impressed.

Solange Knowles, “Willow Smith make me wanna whip some hair in this house”

Brandy, “Ms Willow is not to be played with”

Personally I hope the comparison between Rihanna and Willow starts and ends at the music and the fashion. However given that Jay Z's record label, Roc Nation has signed Willow up a lot is left to the imagination as to how the stable will try and market the young star. Let's face it; when Rihanna first burst into the scene she was dubbed as the new Beyonce and we know what happened when that didn't work and RiRi tried to create her own style. She went mad and got all skanky on us, mastubating on stage and joining the punani flashers list.

The Smiths

Before we get all preachy about how getting into the business at a very young age can damage one's childhood, let's not forget that Papa Smith and Mama Smith started their careers as teenagers as well. Judging by their rise and rise to the top without any scandals, one can only hope that they would impart the same moral control over their kids.

Listen to the track, you will understand why it's causing this buzz!!

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