Jennifer Hudson Covers A Tamia Song

November 9th will be a special day for music lovers as we will be seeing the release of Quincy’s new album, Soul Bossa Nostra, a dazzling confection of today’s top pop, R&B and hip-hop artists and producers coming together to celebrate Quincy’s musical legacy.

The roster includes

  • Usher, 
  • Ludacris, 
  • Akon, 
  • Jamie Foxx, 
  • Mary J. Blige, 
  • T-Pain, 
  • Robin Thicke, 
  • LL Cool J, 
  • John Legend, 
  • Snoop Dogg, 
  • Wyclef Jean, 
  • Q-Tip, 
  • Talib Kweli, 
  • Three 6 Mafia, 
  • David Banner, 
  • Bebe Winans, 
  • Mervyn Warren, 
  • Jermaine Dupri, DJ Paul, 
  • and Scott Storch, among others.

The albumn features Ludacris and Naturally 7 (produced by Naturally 7) on the title track Soul Bossa Nostra, a hip-hop revamp of Jones’ 1962 single “Soul Bossa Nova” which was re-born as the Austin Powers theme song.

It was sampled by Ludacris on his 2005 single “Number One Spot” for which he garnered a VMA; and Usher, Robin Thicke, LL Cool J, Tyrese and Tevin Campbell with Barry White’s original vocals (produced by Jermaine Dupri) on “Secret Garden,” originally recorded on 1989’s Back On The Block.

However it's a cover of a song made famous by Tamia that is causing a lot of anticipation about the albumn.

Jennifer Hudson (produced by Scott Storch) will be performing acclaimed songwriter Rod Temperton’s “You Put A Move On My Heart,” from Jones’ 1996 album Q’s Jook Joint in this albumn. I was a huge fan of Tamia during my school days.

Her music transcended the era, it was just timeless.

It would be interesting to hear how Jennifer Hudson interprets the song. I love J.Hud but sometimes I can't stand her screaming. 

I tried to listen to her version of Michael Jackson's Will You Be There as many times as I can hoping that it will grow on me but unfortunately her screaming and that screeeechy sound she makes just makes me wanna slap her.

Quincy seems to think that the grammy winner has done the song justice so I guess I will trust his judgement and wait to hear the song. 

Afterall the man is not just a legend he is also a genius in music, who better more qualified to rate J.Hud's take on the track than him?

This is what he told Rolling Stone;
“Jennifer said, ‘I need to be on the album’. I said, ‘Jennifer, there’s no way in the world I would bug you about something like that’. She said, ‘Quincy, you don’t understand — I need to be on that album’. She just tore ‘You Put A Move On My Heart’ up”
Can't wait...

BTW, we love the new slim bod, Ms Hudson... not that we had any problem with your fuller figure to begin with.

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer Hudson is one of the top few female vocalist in the business today. To say she is a big screamer is not true. I would say she happens to choose songs that has a high pitch. Jen never screams just to be screaming. Some of the songs she sings calls for the big voice. I think she is problemly the most versatile artist in the industry. Jen can deliver any song in any tone low, med, high, country, pop,Rock, and R&B and soul. Oh, but you would'nt know that because you are not a true fan. All I have to say is get ready for the new album.

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