Mzansi Goes GAGA Over Meat

I couldnt help but chuckle today when I logged onto Mika Stefano's blog. It turns out the good folks at King Pie (you know that pie franchise that's competing with PIE CITY) are using some humour to advertise their brand. We are all aware of the show stopping meat dress that Lady GaGa wore at the VMAs. Not only did the dress cause a media frenzy all over the world, South African advertisers seems to have been caught in the frenzy as well. This is the new King Pie ad

A friend of mine had some issues with the ad saying that South Africans need to stick to South African themes when advertising, He boldly claims that most of the people who buy pies from King Pie would not even get the humour in the ad as they probably don't know who Lady Gaga is. I tend to somewhat I agree with him there BUT having watched the devastating decline in creativity in recent SA ads I think King Pie has got something there with this ad. The ad won't make me rush and buy a King Pie but has caught my attention.

Lady Gaga at the MTV VMAs

It's important to note though that Lady Gaga was not the first to use meat as a dress to send a message across. In 1987 canadian artist Jana Sterbak caused a stir when she used meat as clothes in the piece (excuse the pun),  Vanitas: Flesh Dress From An Albino Anorectic. Could this be where Lagy G got the inspiration from?

Vanitas: Flesh Dress For An Albino Anorectic

And the world catches on, everyone is wearing meat now...

While on the issue of declining creativity in ads; What the heck is the idea behind the VODACOM Rica ad? I have tried to watch it attentively to get what they are trying to say with that ad and I still don't get it. After the Vodacom Single Ladies and Summer Nights ads one would have thought Vodacom advertisers would keep the fun momentum going but clearly they have ran out of ideas.

Don't get me started on the MTN One Day Is One Day ad. Really now...

And there is that irritating KFC Tenors ad with Brenda Ngxoli. I wanna change the channel every time I see it.

Big Ups to King Pie for a 'cute' ad 

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Kagiso said...

"And there is that irritating KFC Tenors ad with Brenda Ngxoli. I wanna change the channel every time I see it." -- Nyaa man Phil isn't that Wimpy ad ??
Haven't seen the Voda ad but for me MTN one is cool .. one day is one day :-)

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