Popstars Auditions: Pretoria Sizzles

Pretoria, Pretoria, Pretoria... oops sorry Tshwane... That's the place to be. On Saturday thousands of wannabe popstars flocked to Centurion Mall for the auditions and what an EVENT that was. I have to admit that after the horror that I witnessed in Soweto I was a bit worried about what Pretoria would unleash on us. Needless to say, Pretorians came out in full force. Every audition has a brief and those who care about getting somewhere in this business will make sure that they read the brief and adhere to what they are required to bring to the auditions. In this case all you needed was talent and looking the part... I am happy to announce that Pretorians got the message.

As it would possibly be the case with some of you, I have never really thought much of our nation's capital city. Actually I thought of it as this dull place that doesn't have much to offer. Boy was I wrong. Who knew this seemingly sleepy place could have sizzling hot people with impressive talent like that. The girls looked stunning while the boys just looked ready to grace the covers of any magazine. It's spring so colour was the order of the day. Even the cold weather couldn't stop them from coming out in style.

I think Johannesburg is fast losing its charm. This free ride that it's been getting as THE MOST HAPPENING place in JHB is fast becoming an overrated tag for the city of gold. The popstar hopefuls in Pretoria were a jovial bunch who gave the whole event the spank it needed. Watchout out Jozi because Pretoria may have just dethroned you.

The Fashionistas

Mzansi's Next Top Model.... Subtle & Stunning

"Ruby" looked gorgeous and had a personality to match

I'd put her on a cover of a mag anytime

check 'em shoes out...

The Hotties and The Cuties

I loved her natural look




Her Sunday best, is there a church nearby?

Beautiful voice but eish she gotta a lot of work to do on the style side... That jersey!!!


Miss Pretty thing here might not have the greatest voice in the world but she has enough talent to sell few cds and she already looks like a star. 

I know it would seem like I am giving PTA way too much credit but if you had endured the same disappointment I did in Soweto when I had such high hopes you would understand why I was so blown away by PTA. Yes, Popstar is a singing competition bt image in this industry is also important. Now if you know you are going to audition for a POP group and will be on tv the least you can do is make an effort to look the part. Don't look like you were doing your laundry and you heard that there are auditions then you rushed there.


As a surprise former Popstars and now Actress, Pam Andrews came to audition for the show (it wasn't much of a surprise as the show has had other ex-popstars do the same but the surprise here was who it will be). From what I hear her audition was nothing to rave about, I didn't see it because I was preparing for our interview.

If you ever thought that celebrity craze in SA is dead then maybe you ought to take a short left to PTA. The plan was for Pam and I to go down to where the queue was and do the interview close to the other auditionees. That way we would incorporate some of them in the interview. BIG MISTAKE. The moment we got down to where the queue was the whole place went into chaos. I have never seen anything like that. We had a bodyguard with us but that didn't even help. In the end we ended up doing just photo-ops. You would have been forgiven to think someone like Beyonce was in the vicinity.

didn't work either there was way too noise and chaos on the other side of the camera

Happy to announce that we made it out of that chaos safely and had to opt for plan B. That too didn't work so we ended up just going to a restaurant and had drinks. Even with all that chaos I was very impressed that South Africans still care about celebrities. That is exactly what this industry needs. I think it's a good thing that we taking award shows away from JHB. Having these events in places like PTA where most of the people  never get the chance to see these celebs is a perfect move if we want our celeb to have the same hype international stars have when they come here. That was fun!!!

PS: Thanks to the POPSTARS production team for their hospitality. Etv publicity, you guys rock. Thanks for taking care of the Blaque one.  Debbie, the photographer, you are just a sweetheart. See you at the POPSTARS Mansion. Peace!!!!

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