Ugandan Paper's Smear Campaign Against Activist

Moses Mworeko, a gay Ugandan, helped lend a voice to his LGBT brothers and sisters there by taking part in The American Prayer Hour in which he wore a bag over his head to protect his identity. He recently appeared on a YouTube video in which he was interviewed and let his face be shown in public after appearing in an advocacy video for Truth Wins Out. 
In retaliation his home country's notoriously tyrannical newspaper Red Pepper respond? With a front page edition headlined, "This Gay Monster Raped Boys In School, But Failed To Bonk Wife." The front page story comes with the warning "This story might make some readers feel nauseated!"

The Red Pepper is known for its "outing" articles in which it has published the names, photos and addresses of Ugandan people it claims are gay or lesbian. Earlier this year, it also published the names and personal details of people who it claimed were supporting gay rights groups and individuals knowing very well that such information could put these people's lives in danger.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda, with legislation pending in parliament that would impose the death penalty in certain case of "aggravated homosexuality". If it were for the danger such reckless reporting poses in the lives of many Ugandan gay men and would this publication would not even deserve the attention it's getting. Their articles are juvenile and borders on comical trash reporting. Words like "huge 12 inch whopper" are a common feature in their articles and the stories they cover leave a lot to be desires. It comes as no surprise at all that they would resort to smear campaigns to sell their trash rag newspaper.

"…Failed To Bonk His Wife" Really now? so if he had raped his wife, would these bigots have applauded him?

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