DYBO Presenter Relebogile Mabotja Happy To Be FAT

I think I like Dance Your Butt Off but there is something about the show that doesn't sit well with me. Clearly the show has caught my attention because I have watched it two weeks in a row. I have been thinking about what could possibly be the reason for me to continue watching the show if I am not totally loving it. I couldn't find a reason.

Tonight's Episode 

Few laughs here and there but no WOW moments. I love Khabonina Qubeka. Give me that girl anytime of the day and I would be happy. Somizi left the bling at home which were a bit of distraction last week and of course delivered the evening's punch lines, again. Dj Sbu... ahhh.. was just ...errr... Dj Sbu. 

The contestants weren't as entertaining as the boys were but like I said last week - the only interesting thing about this show is the judges. I still can not remember the names of the contestants except for Bujy and Mbali .

Anyway, in my quest to understand exactly what it is about the show that doesn't sit well with me I read Green.Arrow's comment just after the show. 
"I love Relebogile...i actually think she really has the girl next door character in real life. But im not sure about the logic of having her as the presenter...the message she puts across about being chubby and healthy and loving herself doest quite gel in with her being on the show and i know she attempted to explain on some article (Sowetan),but i still ddnt get it.....dare i also say, i think she needs to be on that dance floor as well..."
Kelebogile Mabotja

Then it hit me. I too read the Sowetan article I thought to myself, are you kidding me? In the article titled "I Am Fat, Healthy And Happy" the voluptuous Relebogile Mabotja gloats;

"Presenting a show about people working at losing weight has showed many that there is nothing really embarrassing about being fat," 
She continues
"I am there for the contestants. Sometimes they get frustrated when, after working so hard, they do not lose weight. It is not easy to lose weight, it's a lot of work."
"Being healthy is very important. I visit my doctor often to check on my health. I watch what I eat. Whether I am fat or not is not important. What's important is that I'm healthy"

Ok, my apologies if this offends anyone but let's be blunt and say it as it is. Why in hell would you have a overweight presenter on a show about other people losing weight? 

Better yet why the hell would that presenter go on a national newspaper and tell the whole nation that she is happy to be fat when the show she hosts is about healthy living? We all know that the word HEALTHY and FAT in the same sentence is oxymoronic. 

It is commendable that Ms. Mabotja is confident enough to embrace her looks in an era that shuns anybody who does not conform to the anorexic model like image that the media thrusts upon us. 

However, she too ought to be careful about the counter image she is sensationalizing as it too is not something young women should aspire to. Obesity is a health hazard and should be dealt with accordingly. 

Many black people die of preventable diseases many of which are exacerbation by our cultural lifestyles. It's time to curb this by encouraging our people to live healthier lifestyle thus increasing the life expectancy of many of our people. Aids id not the only killer disease.

Portia Gumede
I interviewed the producer of Dance You Butt Off, Portia Gumede and one of the judges, Khabonina during a shoot I was doing for some project I am part of. They both went on about how the show has a bigger message than just being a dance show. 

They both said the aim of the show is to help the contestant on their journey to a better healthier lifestyle by helping them loose weight. Khabo even went on to remind me that recent stats name Mzansi as one if not the fattest nation in the world. 

Now why then would you have someone like Relebogile presenting the show. Isn't she sending out a contradictory message out there?

Khabonina Qubeka
As for the show, I shared my thoughts about it on Facebook and a friend commented. I wrote;
"I dunno. Dance Your Butt Off has clearly captured my attention ... I love Khabo, love Somizi's comments and well Sbu is just Dj Sbu... BUT there is something about this show that doesn't excite me. Hmmm..
She commented;
"Ummm- maybe because there's no actual dietician to make the show informative, no shattering life stories and nothing at stake. Its missing that all for nothing, human overcoming factor."
Now that I think about it, I think she might be right. The show does lack some “prize”. Right now it's all about fat people dancing around trying to loose weight which sound a bit naïve, preposterous and rather unfathomable. 

The concept has a potential to hit the right nerve with the viewers if it carried more substance than that and Relebogile is not helping much in that regard. 

The Sowetan statements that she made were a big mistake and may have tainted the credibility of the show. I am fully aware that there are overweight people who may be reading this now and do not have detectable health problems, FOR NOW. 

I fully concur that every person has the right to love themselves regardless of what other people may think of his or her appearance. However, Relebogile my sista, advocating obesity as something to be proud of while presenting a show that encourages others to loose weight is disingenuous and incongruous to say the least.

I still don't think she is the reason I am reservedly following the show but it was interesting how her comments affected the way I think of the show. Well I guess the producers can be happy that I still watch the show until that thing gets to me and I stop.

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Anonymous said...

Hello my dear.
You should know very well not to trust every quote you read in the media, so the title, "I am fat and happy", can you honestly picture me saying that?
So, i have never advocated obesity. Dont jump to conclusions. i encourage health and happiness. Believe what you will, but please comment on something you have the facts of.

Ms Mabotja

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