Lira: The Undisputed Queen

It's a known fact that Lira is the biggest star we have in this country. Anyone who thinks otherwise will have to deal with me... seriously though, Lira is a force to be reckoned with. Never since the untimely death of our beloved Brenda Fassie has an artist managed to capture our hearts the way Lira has. Not only has this songstress broken records she has also become the jewel of Africa all over the world.

One thing that many people may not realise about Lira is that she is the hardest working artist in this country. I was appalled at (and I will not name 'people' here) some of our artists who behaved like spoiled divas at the world cup opening ceremony rehearsals. If Shakira who is one of the biggest stars in the world could come and rehearse on time with all her dancers why were our own artists late for rehearsals and I hear they may have only rehearsed for a day. Ok this is all rumours but I know this industry, I know that some artists in this business to not respect it. They do not respect the craft thus disrespecting their audience in the process. Sadly, we are a nation that is more than happy to accept mediocre so that is why these artists think they can get away with what they are doing.

Stars like Beyonce are megastars because they work for their bread and butter. When you go to a Beyonce concert you get your money's worth. Not this jumping up and down and strip shows we see here when our stars perform. This is why the likes of Beyonce can become millionaires and our stars become junkies. Lira on the other hand is an inspiration and her success is a testament to her hard working attitude. No one thought it could ever be done; A black musician filling Carnival City Big Top Arena by herself! Even Zola at the peek of his career as the biggest muso in Mzansi could not achieve that height.

The lesson here is that when you put hard-work and dedication into what you do the message radiates through what you produce. Lira's success did not come because she is some bombshell bimbo or the world's greatest singer but it came from her tenacity and dedication. It came from her respecting an audience of 10 just as much as she would an audience of 1000s. When you watch her perform wherever she performs she always gives 110%, it doesn't matter who is in the audience. Now that's a measure of a true artist.

When I first bought a Lira CD I was not that blown away. Firstly I thought of her as a safe singer. I found her sound too guarded. To this day I still have issues with the track SOUL IN MIND. I feel cheated that song. Every time I listen to it I just feel it's missing something. She just needed to let go on that track and just let it rip! Especially on the last part of the track where it has a rock You can't fake that. She just sings with no inhibitions or ego driven sensationalism in her voice. Even now, big as she is, she still sings like she is an unknown. She is true to the moment and radiates a non-conventional beauty that makes one just wanna hug her. She is our diva and we love her to bits.

It came as no surprise for me to learn that my girl's LIVE in Concert; A Celebration DVD  has broken sales record. The DVD which was recorded in front of a audience of over 3800 has sold over 50 000 units since it's release last year. A remarkable achievement considering where Lira comes from as a musician. She has certainly paid her dues and now is proving to be the star we have always known her to be.

I am a little disappointed that the record is only 50 000. I think it should be more so if you do not own a Lira DVD go out and get it. Artist like Lira who put an effort in ensuring that we get our money's worth deserve our support. Let's break this trend that our artist will get more support abroad or in the diaspora than they do here. Let's make Lira a millionaire. She deserves it. The more money she can make the more creative she can get. I want her to fill an entire stadium next.

Come now guys, think about it... LIRA Concert SOLD OUT in SOCCER CITY!!

Lira at the SAMAs
Congratulations to Miss Lira... I want it all, I want it all, yes I gotta have all!!!

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