Exclusive: Khanyi Vs Primrose At The Feathers (videos)

As promised here are the videos from the Feather Awards aftermath comments from Primrose and Khanyi. In case you have been living under the rock for the past week or so, Khanyi Mbau crashed the Feathers just as Theunis Crous was about to give his acceptance speech for winning "Drama Queen of The Year" award.

After the ceremony whilst my cameraman was packing up, and I have to admit I was on my 3rd if not 4th drink, I got an opportunity to have an exclusive with both Primrose and Khanyi.

While Primrose acted a bit offish at first, understandably so since the crowd booed her and Crous onstage while Khanyi got loud cheers on stage, Khanyi was more than willing to do the interview and actually waited for few minutes while my cameraman reconnected the equipment.

Both women were very candid with their responses even when I pressed them to answer some uncomfortable questions. Of course Malcolm tried to answer for Khanyi when I asked her about her career but I refused to let him do a PR stint at my expense.

I am still convinced that much of this ruckus is just gimmicks to garner media coverage for all parties involved. However, I did feel Primrose's sadness even though she tried to play it off. Khanyi, Crous, Malcolm are just playing the game while Primrose is just glorified extra in all this soap opera.

Thanks to both girls for being candid.

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