Feather Awards 2010: Pictures

Mzansi's A-list Stars headed to Atlas studio on Wednesday to attend the 2nd Annual Feather Awards this past Wednesday. The invite only event pulled in an array of SA's fashionistas and belles of the red carpet. Here are few pics from the glittering event.

                           SHOW STOPPER

Dineo Ranaka's Lady Gaga bubble wrap inspired outfit was a definite show stopper on the red carpet. This girl has a beautiful bod and a personality to match.

Donald Chipumha


Mr Crous's ladies provided much needed bling on the red carpet. Love them or hate them, both Prim and Khanyi are stunning girls. To my surprise both girls are just sweet girls who were more than happy to answer uncomfortable personal questions on camera.

My pick for the best dressed will definitely be Prim. She looked like a classy nice lady with that innocent smile on her face while holding on to Crous. Khanyi is an attention seeker so her outfit was a predictably OTT . Still, Ms Mbau wore it well.

                          The RED CARPET

David Tlale
Hlelo Masina
Kuli Roberts
Sasha Naidoo
Nthato Mashishi
Pabi Moloi
Penny Lebyane

Lucia Mthiyane, Actress
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Sophie Ndaba

Khanyi Mbau


One thing fo sho, Mzansi celebs do not have over inflated egos like most wanna-bes in this industry have. Most of them were bubbly and cracked a few jokes during my interviews with them

WORD OF ADVICE to Minienhle (that new girl on LIVE)... you may be on a popular show on the country's number 1 channel but be careful about your attitude. Humility will take you very far sweetness. You are a beautiful girl and have a bright future ahead of you but that doesn't mean you ought to act like a diva.

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some eye candy ...

                              THE PERFORMANCES



I don't need to say more, you've read about it all week


Thami Kotlolo

The shindig was a homerun for the organisers. I was not happy with the venue, Atlas studios is small and I hated having to stand for the entire show. Next time get a bigger venue so your guests can have places to sit and have a clear view of the performances on stage.

Nonetheless the team behind the awards have proven that it can be done, twice as nice. Somizi's opening act was hilarious and had us all in stitches. He took a piss at celebs with a piece that can best be described as DARING. Only Somizi can call Dj Sbu a cry baby and still have dinner with him the following day. Much of his jabs were in jest, good humour and by the looks of things the victims of his wrath who were in attendance took it as such. Big up for that brotha ...oops sorry Madame GIGI. Pity Khanyi's antics stole the thunder from what would clearly have been the most talked about topic of the event.

Lira, can do no wrong in my eyes so I loved her performance. Busi Busi Busi... damn this girl can sing!!! Her outfit was a bit too raunchy for me but damn, Lebo Mathosa would be proud. The girl did the song justice and some.

Noticeably missing from the event was Mika Stefano. He is the most well known gay man in JHB social scene and one would have thought since these were awards by gay people he would be there.

Sadly the evening ended on a sour note for me as I was involved in a minor accident on our way back from ZAR Lounge at around 4am on the M2. I am fine but that was a lesson learnt about listening to that inner voice that tells you not to do something and you ignore it until something bad happens then you wish you had made another choice.

Shout out to Thami Kotlolo, for the invite. My crew and I had an awesome time. Thanks to Tumi, Marang and Neo from DreamCatcher.

Special thanks to DONALD CHIPUMHA for the pics. You are talented young photographer. 

Hlelo, I hated your dress but I love you to bits. Everytime I meet you you just very sweet. I think a lot of SA celebs could learn a thing or two from you. Thanks for knowing that every criticism you get is only to help you grow as a person especially when it's constructive.

I loooooooooove Kuli. Say what you will about this lady but she is real. Love her to bits. She lit up the red carpet and I had an awesome time with her. Thanks for the laughs and helping a brotha out. Love yah!!!

See more pics from the Feather Awards 2010 here

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