Haters Gon Hate

My friends and I (and some acquaintances, it was nice meeting you D) were discussing the industry the other day. The conversation quickly turned to being about haters. What was interesting was how criticism in these industry can quickly be construed as jealous. 

Fact is that being in this industry by virtue means one needs some kind of validation. Artists of all sort do what they do to please the masses. They all need a pat on the back for a job well done and they relish the glory that comes with the media coverage they get for the job they do.

We all know that artists, be they celebs or schlebs, love the attention they get by being well known. Every performer has an element of narcissistic tendencies about them. Performers perform for audiences, you need those people to know who you are and what you do. 

It always baffles me when someone gets into this industry, do everything in their power to get recognition and then later cry fowl when people he/she has been hounding to talk about him/her starts saying negative things about him/her. 

Point is; you can't have it your way all the time. The good publicity in this business come with the negative tag of having to loose control over what you need to have written or discussed about you.

Somebody during the chat mentioned something about a xhosa clique in blogsites that revel in just being nasty towards celebrities. Firstly I had no idea that such exists mainly because when I read comments on blogs I can never tell the difference between isixhosa and isizulu. 

Her contention with the said clique is that they never have anything nice to say about anybody who is succeeding in this industry and will find mean things to say about such individuals all the time. Her analytic conclusion to such behaviour was that these cliques are just jealous.

Interestingly these words were coming from a female and my understanding is that the said clique is comprised of women as well. I couldn't help but wonder... is this a woman to woman thing or are her allegations true? Do xhosa woman bloggers, twitters or facebookers have issues with being nice to celebs? In fairness this accusation could just be a gross exaggeration of the situation as most people on these sites use english more than they use vernac. How then does one know that these 'haters' are xhosa?

She went on to mention specifics and incidents on blogging sites where the so called xhosa clique went on a tirade berating celebs. Of course my issue with that was that if one nitpicks he'll find fault in anybody. Without being prejudice towards any tribe here, it's a known fact that xhosa women are outspoken. Whether that vigour comes from a bad place or not is subjective. 

One can not judge an entire community based on few people who chose to devote their lives to tarnishing other people's reputation or throwing rocks at anybody who has more success than they do especially when those few people are cowards who hide behind a cloak of anonymity that blogging sites afford them.

On the other hand not every criticism is malicious. Without criticism one can not grow. Saying to someone, you could have done better than this doesn't always have to be seen as coming from jealousy. It's certainly another thing when one makes a habit of being a naysayer. 

If you can never say anything positive about someone without putting in a negative somewhere in there then you are a toxic person and your criticism however valid it may be will always carry a brand of malice.

The crux of the matter here is this; whether the so called cyber xhosa clique exists or not one should not always think people only criticises because they are jealous. If you are in the spotlight, you knew prior to being there that not everybody is going to shower you with love all the time.

PS: Haters do exist, don't get it twisted. The best way to deal with them is to work hard and have more success while the wallow in their misery always finding ways to poke holes in your success while they themselves lag further and further behind.

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