I am not really into going to cinemas to watch movies. I prefer watching them at home so that when I don't get a scene I can pause, rewind and replay it. With that I unfortunately was not part of South Africans who contributed to Tyler Perry having his biggest opening in SA yet. Truth be told I am glad I wasn't because I would be regretting having wasted that money on a movie ticket. That said , I eventually got to see the movie and I am not happy.

Having watched the first one and reservedly loved it I found watching Why Did I Get Married Too a total let down. Any euphoria I had about the first one evaporated 10min into the movie when it became evident that Perry brings nothing visually new to this second installment. The story in this one is at times lucklustre, incoherent and downright boring as it lingers on with no resolution to the issues in sight. The characters are exaggerated to a point where they become annoying. Sadly what Mr Perry did was just to amp up the volume on most of the issues he dealt with on 1 and fails dismally to tap into the essence of the genre while treading dangerously on rehashing the all too familiar territories his audience may have seen in shows like Soul Food and Girlfriends.

Perry knows what pays his bills. He himself has said on numerous times that he does not make movies or write material for critical acclaim. Nothing wrong with that. If you produce mediocre and that sells just wear that crown and not regress on your position once you reach a certain pinnacle in your career. Perry has reveled in the glory of knowing that black people support his ventures regardless of the quality but now that he wants to be taken more seriously by mainstream audiences wants to blame the critics for not giving him props for his endeavours. In the past few years he has managed to reach pinnacles that have eluded other black directors like Spike Lee, Antoine Fugua, Lee Daniels, John Singleton, to name but a few prominent ones.

John Singleton SHAFT
Antoine Fugua TRAINING DAY
Lee Daniels PRECIOUS
According to celebritynetworth.com, Tyler Perry's networth is estimated to be $350mil. He is notably the only film maker to have 5 films open at number 1 at the box office in the last five years. I feat that accomplished hollywood heavyweights Stephen Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, James Caameron and Quentin Tarantino have yet to reach. He is also being dubbed as the king of shoe string budget blockbusters with 8 of his films grossing over $418mil, each having cost less than $10mil to make. What this means is that while he ranks in millions for these movies his actors only earn peanuts for his movies?

Perry also prides himself in being the only director who has made it his mission to employ as many black actors as possible. His mission, as commendable as it is, has a negative side. Thus far he is yet to create a breakout star with his actors which means he will continue to use lesser known actors, pay them peanuts and rank in the millions.

It would appear that Perry has realised that charity in filmmaking is a novelty best left to independent film makers. Big studios need returns on their investment thus forcing the directors to choose big names to headline their project and Perry is not immune to that. In his latest project he has been forced too bring in 'famous' names to get attention to his project, eg For Colored Girls, which has an all star cast.

Looking at the characters in WDIGM2 it's evident that Perry is no genius but rather a man who knows what sells. This movie is a kinda chick flick that requires one to leave all his/her sensibility and brain at home and just enjoy the fun but far in between moments that the movie offers. Lets look the characters for instance

Marcus & Angela

Their storyline is a bit redundant. Angela is still screaming and not trusting Marcus who now has a job. In essence not much has changed between them inter-personally. In the first one they argued about real issues whereas on this one the 'issue' is Marcus' cellphone password. Angela as a character has no depth and Perry relies heavily on exaggerated antics to justify screen time for her. The worse scene with these two has to be the scene at Marcus' work when Angela storms in during a live broadcast. Her screaming overpowers her acting that you endup hoping that Marcus would just slap her but sadly Marcus just fades in the background as the character has no room to maneuver with all the emphasis by the director placed on Angela. This is evident when finally tries to catch Marcus in the act. The scene is predictable and lacks the comical climax it was intended to have.

Gavin & Patricia

The only thing that saved these two is the performance by Janet Jackson, though a bit overrated the performance holds the scene and engages the viewers. Janet obvious knows how to tap into those sad part of her being to deliver such heartfelt emotions. With the character Perry again makes the mistake of playing off exaggerated caricatures. Most of Patricia's scenes are built on antics that do not serve the story for dramatic effect. Case in point: The scene with a drag queen in a cake meant to humiliate Gavin at his workplace. The dramedy in that scene looked forced and lacked the punch to lead us to the next scene where the climax of the storyline between the two hits. In the end you are left ot knowing how to weigh their relationship or story as her intractability and his frustration in their marriage is drawn out soooooooooooo long that by the time the truck hits his car you can't help but chuckle instead of being shocked.

Dianne & Terry

The movie could have done without any of both of them. Perry's acting leaves a lot to be desired. Their story is boring and lack the drama that was ignited in the first one, Since Perry decided to bring issues from the first one into the sequel one would have expected him to eplore the issues further but oh no. Instead and only halfway into the movie we learn that Dianne is having an affair... AGAIN. Ok, so what happens now? NOTHING!!!

Sheila & Troy

Troy's storyline could be a plot for a movie all on its own. Their progression as a couple from the first movie to this one is organic and believable. Jill Scott delivers some good performances but not much to write home about. However due to the brilliant performance by her co-star Lamman Rucker saved what could have easily been another dull storyline from the movie. His subtle acting style and his reliance on the scene to drive the emotions and not the other way round leaves one mesmerized and engaged through out their scenes together. Though the script clearly lacked any depth on all characters at least with them one is able to be taken on a emotional ride with every scene they are in.

Of course movies like music are about personal taste. However there is no denying the facts when it comes to character analysis, plot coherency and the narrative hitting home, Why Did I Get Married Too lacks in all those spheres of films. Get the dvd and watch the movie again and you will be surprised just how NOT funny and NOT captivating it really easy. Those wow moments you felt when you were watching it in the cinema will fade as fast as you can say Why Did I Get Married.

Someone once said to me that Tyler Perry's movies are the equivalent of what Nigerian movies are in South Africa. Though that statement is a bit erroneous given that Nigerian Movies are beyond pathetic, I can understand the gist of what he was trying to convey. Tyler Perry has found a lucrative niche in the market that allows him to getaway with mediocre in the name of telling real black stories. In time I hope he will not need the money anymore as he will be too rich and will start investing in quality storytelling with his movies while tackling those 'real' issues.

Why Did I Get Married Too.....OUT ON DVD

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