Brutal Fruit / Kardashian Party

Joburg CBD was the place to be this past Thursday as Brutal Fruit hosted the mother of all parties to promote their new flavour Tickled Pink. I do not drink pink drinks so I was not really that interested in tasting it. The invite only event was a blast as all of Jozi's socielites and their groupies partied with special guests Kim And Khloe Kardashian.

I have to say Keeeping Up With The Kardashian has always been my guilty pleasure. Though Kim is the most famous one of the sisters I always had a soft spot for Khloe. The sisters looked stunning but Khloe stole the show with her personality. The sisters arrived just after 10 pm to a roaring crowd. Joburg CBD went abuzz outside The Rand club as Kardashian fans screamed and called out Kim and Khloe's names.

Local celeb, Bonang, who is the national ambassodor for the brand introduced the girls and they handed put a brand new car to a gentle man who won the best dressed person at the party prize. Honestly, I was shocked as the selected 5 men didn't look much like people who dressed for the party. There was nothing special nor worth celebrating about their outfits which got me worried if that's the kind of style the organisers wanted to project of South African fashion sense.

Once the formalities were out of the way the girls were ushered into the club and 10 min after entering the building they made their way to the VIP area. Khloe went straight to signing some autographs and posed for pictures with her fans while Kim just sat on the couch and cracked a smile few times. Few minutes later, she joined her sister to interact with the crowd.

My verdict on the two girls is that Khloe is much more approachable than KIM. I guess Kim is too used to the spotlight that she doesn't feel like she should make the effort any more. She was nice and responded to the screams of her name and posed for pics but she really wasn't as warm as Khloe was. For that, I give Khloe thumbs up for making a few fans happy to meet her and solidifying my love for her over the other sisters.

Among the 300 strong guests were local celebs like Uyanda Mbuli who just looks younger and gorgeous everytime I see her, Cece, Khanyi Mbau, Lebo Mabotja, Terry Pheto, to name but a few.  

               Happy Holidays

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I could tell from the show Khloe would be more personable. I love a down to earth celeb...Now after this post I'm officially a Khloe fan :)

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