Dance Your Butt Off: Bujy Bujy Bujy

The show that I have a love and hate relationship with is still soldiering on. See, Dance Your Butt Off is like a little girl with cute ribbons on her hair. Yes she is cute and all so adorable, when she is good she is an angel to behold BUT when she is bad she is horrid. No point reiterating the reasons why I love the show and hate it but I just wanted to give them props for a beautiful show tonight.

I am not really in the mood to go through the entire episode. One thing worth mentioning is that Bujy is OWNING the show. The judges can't stop praising him for his performances and for once I totally concur. Often on these reality shows you end up conflicted about the decision the judges make about the contestants BUT with this show you can't help but want to applaud the judges for recognising the fact that BUJY is holding the show together.

Bujy has been (from day one) the one to watch. He is an entertainer and the show could not have scooped a better contestant for what could have been another failure for the channel than BUJY. 

The brother is on fire. With every challenge he rises above the rest with his bubbly personality and devil may care attitude and steals the spotlight. 

For the first time is SA reality tv genre one contestant stands out like a fly in a bowl of milk. Muzi tried it with Class Act and it worked but stiff competition from the other guys on the show made it impossible for him to be the outright favourite. 

With DYBO, Bujy has no competition in terms of entertaining the audience. Sadly his fate on the show does not only rest on his dance performances but his weight loss as well.

An overweight feminine guy becomes the most entertaining contestant in a reality show – go figure. Regardless, the producers of the show should thank their lucky stars that they had Bujy on the show otherwise the show would have gone downhill from the disastrous first episode.

To be fair, Bujy is not the only good thing about the show. I have mentioned this before that Somizi and Khabo are great as judges.

How many episode has it been? I still don't get why Dj Sbu is on that judging panel. I like Sbu but damn this show has shown another side to him and unfortunately it's not his best side. With all that energy and slap-your-knee-laugh-out-loud one liners that Somizi and Khabo manages to come up with every night, one wonders why the hell is he there. 

The dynamics on the show are working against him and he looks more and more boring each week even when he tries to be all smart and authoritive with his comments. Word of advice; use what you got. Engage with the audience, poke fun at the other judges... anything to make you look less out of place.


Quick question: Who handles the show scheduling at SABC 1? Ok we all can now agree that moving Selimathunzi from its usual slot to Wed was a huge mistake and RGB is paying the price for it. Dance Your Butt Off time slot for the show is totally wrong. 

I think the show's time slot is limiting its potential. Instead of having that boring Ambush on Sat why not have DYBO then? Friends Like These was popular because it has a good time slot and so was Class Act. Sadly Ambush is failing dismally to hold on to the audience pull for that time slot which could kill the SABC's audience share for the time slot. 

Mzansi Magic is furiously devouring all of the SABC's audience pull slots. Believe you me, Mzansi Magic is no COPE. They mean business and the SABC must be filling the pinch. Rumour has it that MM has had so many proposals for new shows that they have had to postpone the date for announcing which shows will be commissioned.   

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