SABC 2 Dorp-2-Dorp : Krugersdorp

I was bored this Saturday and going through my emails when I noticed an invite from SABC 2 that I hadn't rsvp'd to. Since I had nothing to do for the whole day, I made a call and asked if the invite still stands. Needless to say, I was told that they will make a plan if I showed up.

SABC 2 and Mogale City treated Gautengers to a free concert and meet-and-greet with tv personalities at Coronation Park. The event was well organised with all the logistics for the proceedings and hosting of guests in good form. This is worth mentioning as I was beginning to get fed up with events that are in shumbles because people are too lazy to make an effort.
At 13h00 we were whisked into an open top bus and went on a parade around Krugersdorp CBD. The sun was blazing and at first it seemed like the parade will be a total dud. 10 minutes into it though, things picked up and Mogale City came to a stand still. The crowds lined up the streets to see their favourite stars featuring a 'nobody' like myself.

In attendance were few 7de Laan, Muvhango, 50/50, Hectic 9/9 and Q-base 28 stars.

Mimi Mahlasela 

7de Laan's Mimi Mahlasela (Aggie) kept complaining about everything. Makes one think that if you do not want to participate in these sort of things why bother coming to begin with? I doubt that the SABC would force anyone to do it.

I don't watch Muvhango and clearly I am one of a very few in Mzansi. The crowd went crazy for the show's stars with “Azwindini” getting the loudest cheers. Who said Vendas are marginalised in Mzansi?

Stunners Crew
I love it when I see talented young South Africans on the rise. South Africa ... let me introduce to you what I personally think is the best dance crew in Mzansi, Stunners Crew. I am a black man without rhythm so I was green with envy while watching these kids perform. Their high energy jaw dropping moves will leave you speechless. It doesn't hurt that they are all so cute with their Mo-hawks and skinny jeans. Makes you wanna be 18 again... sigh*

Tshia Thebe

While on the issue of rising stars; one of the SABC 2 kids presenters piqued my attention. These kids can be so annoying especially the ones who present Hectic N9. There are two of them that I find so jajarag that every time I see them anywhere I wanna be as far from them as possible. Poor kids think they have arrived and have lost their humility along the way. With Tshiamo Thebe, the latter couldn't be farther from the truth. The young lady ( and a lady she is) oozes class and star quality. I see bright things in this girl's future if she doesn't get big headed and too all over the place. She exudes confidence without being conceited, not to mention that she was blessed with good looks as well.

Thanks to SABC 2 and everybody for their hospitality. Unfortunately the day was cut short by the rain and I had to leave before Ntando and Rebecca Malope could perform. Nonetheless I had an awesome time and looking forward to doing it again. I was told that the Bloemfontein leg of the Dorp-2-Dorp shindig was bigger and better.

A special mention; Carol Mphalakashe. It's not often that I get invited to an event and I end up being 100% happy. Even if the event was boring I would be happy to mention that SABC 2's publicists know how to take care of their guest. Thank you.

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