10 Of The Best On TV In 2010

Funny enough I do not watch much tv. However on occasion that I have dedicated my precious time to do so I saw moments through out 2010 that made me nod proudly that our industry is heading in the right direction. 


Bubbling at number 10 is none other than the ever eccentric Somizi Mhlongo. Many had signed Somizi off, some even went as far as to suggest that the entertainer was on his death bed and will probably never make a come back. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, he did. There is no denying that Somizi's presence on the judging panel of Dance Your Butt Off is a perfect fit. The show might not be everybody's cup of tea but Somizi has brought a lot of slap-your-knee-scream-out-loud-laughing one liners in his comments to the contestants. For that I give him a nod and say welcome back. Hopefully this time you will choose your friends wisely... oh and do not forget to pay the tax man.

While Generations might be the number one show in SA, 2010 was not really a good year for them. Ratings for the show dropped and kept flactuating all through the entire 2010 season. Still, Generubish had some great moments in that gloom. Notably was a storyline that caused a lot of controversy and boosted Gen's viewership for few months. Jason and Senzo have become the most talked about couple on SA tv right now. First they were scorned with bigots opening hate groups on Facebook to get rid of the characters but failed dismally, now they are the darling couple of Gen. Even aboGogo who could never really grasp the nature of their relationship have come to embrace this couple.


Still with Generations, many hailed Menzi Ngubane (Sibusiso) as the best actor on the show. Of course I totally disagree. My belief in that was solidified by Zolisa Xaluva (Jason)'s performances during the “Sibusiso Hates Senzo” storylines. Some of my all time favourite acting performances came from watching Zoliswa take on Menzi. Their scenes were electrifyingly captivating. Zoliswa proved that an actor doesn't need to try and act, they just ACT. I was disappointed to read that he said he will never do another gay role again. I do not know what motivated his decision and I hoped that it was not some homophobic thing within him but I could not deny him the praise he clearly deserved for his performances.

3rd Degree. Deborah Patta continued to ruffle feathers in 2010 providing us with some great tv moments. One of which was her now infamous interview with Julius Malema. Some think she nailed the interview but others like myself thought Juju played her.

Class Act. By far the best production to have come out of this country. An original and unique idea that resurrected the excitement around the art of acting. Week after week I was entertained, awed and just proud of the boys who put their acting prowess under scrutiny. In the end my favourite guy didn't win but Sdumo deservedly took the honours of being Class Act's Leading Man.

Sade Gilberti comes out of the closet. The tomboy ex yotv presenter returned for a second season of So You Think You Can Dance. Though her return to host the show was no surprise as she wonderfully did it with Season 1, her look is what made headlines. Sade had admittedly said that she was not comfortable in dresses but week after week she adorned those sexy numbers and looked like a belle of the ball. More so that Legit made her a brand ambassador. Go figure, the girl who never wears dresses unless it's for contractual obligations get to be an ambassador for a female clothing brand.

Cherel 's return to Horizon Deep. Isidingo has had an awful year. Ratings for the show dropped drastically much to 7de Laan's delight as they swooped most of Isidingo's disgruntled viewers. So the producers at Isidingo tried to garner some interest in the show by hosting a talent search competition which Sisa Hewana won. Unfortunately that was not enough to remedy the problem so they brought Cherel back. The return of Michelle Botes to the show created a lot of buzz but unfortunately that didn't last for long. It was great to see Michelle back on welfare tv. I think, even in the frivolous world of soapies were people can rise from the dead, a character can only get away with so much before the audience stop buying it. The fact that the writers didn't bring a fresh angle to the character but instead just rehashed old storylines using few tweaks here and there and added a new family may have also caused the loss of interest in her return by viewers. Simply put, Cherel has brought nothing new to the deep and Isidingo continues get hammered in the ratings.

Intersexions. The best show on television since Yizo Yizo. This SABC 1 gem is a must watch. The acting is brilliant, the production superb and the storyline is refreshing. It's been an absolute pleasure to watch this show. Even when the storyline is somewhat boring you can't help but be encapsulated in this world that the characters create. The show is engaging and takes you as a viewer on a journey of mixed emotions with each major character in the storylines. You judge them, think with them, reason for them and eventually understand them then forgive them – for you know that you too can or have made the same mistakes they have. It still bothers me though, that for us to produce productions of this quality there has to be an international collaboration.

Rhythm City. When this soapie came on to our screens after the demise of Backstage many believed that it too will suffer the same fate as its predecessor. Boy were they wrong. This diamond in the ruff show has proven that it can offer viewers some fresh entertainment. 2010 has been a great year for the show as it soured in viewership. The biggest any soapie has had since Generation s came onto the scene. Though Gen is still the reigning queen of Soapville, Rhythm City have every reason to celebrate 2010 as it was their best year yet. I loved their plot, loved some of the new faces they brought to our screens and loved the effort they made to do a good show. Who could forget the Naomi Storyline?

At number 1.... silence please.... drum roll!!!!! HEADLINE on Mzansi Magic. They have all tried to report on celebrities in SA and have failed to do it without any vendettas or with any panache but trust Kuli “I'm Not Cynthia” Roberts to swoop in and show them how it should be done. From episode 1 I knew that I was in love with this show. It's funny, edgy, fresh, in your face, no hold bars... only Nomakula Roberts can pull that off. So you better recognise, now all bow down to the queen!!! All hail the queen! All hail the Queen!

These are my memorable moments, what are yours?

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