Class Act Is Back

Friday the Class Act FanCam team headed to Hebron in the North West. Itatswe was the place to be for Hebron hopefuls at the Amstel Practice Session.

After some lukewarm Practice sessions, Hebron, proved that if the logistis are thought of properly and the right venue with the right vibe is selected, the practice session could be very very fun. Places like Hebron never really get the opportunity to have anything of Class Act's magnitude happen in their backyard so to show their appreciation, they showered us with some love.

Hebron crowd was amazing and in a way solidified my believe that if one wants to reach out to TV fans, he/she should go as far away from the big metropolis like JHB and PTA as possible. A fan in Ulundi is more likely to ask for a celeb picture or autograph than a fan in Rosebank. If one wants to create a buzz about the show, you are likely to get more reaction from the fans in Bapong than in Hatfield.

All in all a great time was had by all in Hebron and big lessons, hopefully, were learned by the production team, Next time whoever the location scouts will be, he/she should be cognoscente of the kind out audience who would appreciate the Amstel initiative more and the kind of venues that could cater for that specific consumer. I am certain that there are a lot of factors that affect the decision on locations such as security BUT there are many many places outside of the big Cities that are very much safe.

For instance, places like Mafikeng. Instead of having practice sessions in Pretoria, why not spread them out to places such as that. This small town in North West is known for the talent that it has produced in the industry. Stars like KB, Tuks, HHP, Bonang, to name just a few, have ties to Mmabatho/Mafikeng. This is the kind of place that the scouts should have thought of. Hopefuls in this town will not get a chance to audition on their turf so why not bring something to them to encourage them to make the trip to the audition venues. They would certainly appreciate the effort more than someone in PTA, JHB, DBN and Cpt.

It's about time we give the real fans, a chance to be part of our industry. Why not hold the practice sessions in these places out there and select five or ten people to bring them to the mass auditions? That way there is an incentive in being part of the Practice Sessions. Just a thought.

With that, my FanCam team and I say a massive THANK YOU to the fans in Hebron for making the PTA Practice session Leg worthwhile. Ke re la rocka and ke batla o bona a Leading Man or Lady coming from Hebron, that would just be a cherry on top.

Joburg YOU Next!! Make me proud.

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