Sexiest Moments In Music History

Looking at the red carpet and the performances at the Grammys this year, it's become apparent that artist are trying too hard to be sexy but end up looking trashy...

Long before Rihanna and Drake's body humping on stage instead of actually singing, there were some spontaneous moments in music that made me think ... DAMN, that's HOT!! I know we all have different taste and some people find Rihanna rubbing her privates in public sexy but I still prefer to be teased in a subtle manner. Leave something to the imagination.


JLo rocks up at the Grammys in a barely there Versace dress. This moment or rather this dress could have been a disaster BUT Jlo rocked it very well. It was a daring move that made everybody sit up and notice Jenny From The Block. The great thing about this situation is that the dress actually looked good on her so even when you wanted to rebuke her for over-exposing herself like that, if you have good taste, you couldn't help but be impressed by Versace's ingenuity

Since then we've had many celebs trying to pull of the look on the red carpet but many have failed dismally. Notably, is Toni Braxton's dress at the Grammy that left many thinking she should be arrested for public indecency.


Britney Spears' performance of "Oops I Did It Again" at the 2000 MTV Awards, the good-girl-gone-bad-then-good-again starlet gave a performance that was raunchy but sweet. Her tan bedazzled outfit made mothers everywhere heave and revile her for donning that revealing outfit while little boys all over the world blushed. "Cuteney" was then a sweet pop princess and her shocking outfit drew more cheers than jeers because it showed a little girl who was growing up and just having fun with her fame.


Britney's embarrassing performance of "Gimme More" at the 2007 VMA in Las Vegas. What was supposed to be her comeback performance after a tumultuous year was pronounced D.O.A ( Dead On Arrival) by viewers and critics alike. The performance was just a mess and the outfit she was wearing was atrocious. The then out-of-shape pop star looked like one of her drag queen impersonators than the actual star.


Hip-thrusting debut of the now openly gay (sorry ladies), Ricky Martin, at the 42nd Grammy Awards left the audience gyrating and women all over the world's hearts palpitating. Ricky was fresh and original. The Puerto Rican had arrived and the world couldn't stop ogling at that fine specimen of hotness. According to E! even Madonna was turned on.


Chomee. This girl can dance, no doubt about it, but her sex infused antics on stage leave one repulsed than aroused. She puts more emphasis on trying to shock her audience with her skimpy outfits than actually coming up with good music. Needless to say, she is yet top make an indelible mark in the music industry because of that.

2. Sifiso of "Sing You A Love Song". Wow this one-hit-wonder boy was at some point the most sexiest R&B singer in this country. Lots of babies were made in Mzansi to the tune of "I'm Gonna Sing You A Love Song"


Every other artist in this country who has ever tried to recapture the magic that Sifiso created. They have all tried but failed, SADLY. Which goes to show, Sifiso was one of a kind. Pity his fame lasted for 2 min.

D'Angelou's steamy music video for the untitled song that later became "How Do You Feel".

Need I say more? Don't think so. The pic and video above will do the honours.



All the artists (like Jamie Foxx and Souljah Boy) who are now posing nude and having their pictured "stolen and leaked" to the media. These stunts have long lost their novelty. It's tacky and screams desperation. There is nothing sexy about trying to hog attention by prostituting your body.

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