Oh Say It Isn't So, Not Dineo

Concerned about Sunday Sun claims that Dineo Ranaka's personal life might be jeopardising her job at YFM

I never paid much attention to Dineo Ranaka since I last saw her on RGB few years back. Last year though I dated someone who was a huge fan and subsequently got acquainted with her radio show. I am not that much into radio so I would not say I am that familiar with her work. Thanks to etv, I met Dineo for the first time in Soweto during their pre-roadshow media dinner.

The feisty Ms Ranaka showed up very very very late but as soon as she apologised and sat down I instantly fell in love with her. She is by far one of the very few people in this industry who are real. There is no smoke and mirrors with her. She knows her shortcoming as well as she knows her good qualities. She is the first one to tell you that she makes up for what she lacks by having a bubbly personality.

She told me some story about how someone used a vulgar word to complain about the length of her dress in one of Club 808 episodes. She confessed that she was hurt by it but still responded politely without being defensive. Since then I have met her again few times and had the pleasure of interviewing her on the red carpet at the Feather Awards last year.

Sadly today I was disturbed by a story ran by tabloid paper, Sunday Sun. The story claims that Dineo had an on-air breakdown and was suspended. It also claims that there might be some bad blood between her and the powers that be at YFm. If this story is true then I am very disappointed. I love this girl and want to see her succeed. 

Mzansi needs real personalities like her. To think that she might be unprofessional or throwing diva tantrums is unfathomable. The Dineo I know and have come to admire is a driven woman and a dedicated mother who can't stop gloating about her adorable son and how she wants to provide a good life for him, not some sappy girl who would let her personal life interfere with her work.

It would definitely be disappointing to know that Mam-Dizi (as one of the Twinz call her) is falling apart. We all make mistakes. If it's true that she is going through some hard time, we wish her all the best and pray that she bounces back. 

Mzansi can not loose someone of her talent and tenacity. Our industry can not afford not to have the likes of Dineo to balance out the plastic facade out there with some genuine personality.

Hope you ok, Dineo!

Dineo emailled me back:

Just in case you can not read the screengrab, the email reads;
Good morning 
My dearest Phil, I appreciate the concern as well as compliments. I am deeply and sincerely touched that you care enough and are professional enough to address your concerns in a sensitive manner. 
Rest assured my dear that I am stronger than tabloid press assumes. 
Loving regards,

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