Scandal Is Back

Randomly tuned onto ETV while channel surfing and caught an episode of Scandal and was impressed with their current form after the Erin/Tino bore...

I am such a tv slut. Seriously, if I was married to my TV, it'd have divorced me a long time ago. My patience knows no bounds. I can not commit to just one show and stick to it. I find myself ditching shows as soon as I feel that they are not giving me the kind of entertainment I want.

With that I found myself reconciling with my old friend, Scandal. My tiff with Scandal happened during their Tino & Erin love story and the subsequent wedding. What a total bore that was! I don't know if it was the chemistry between Clint Brink and Lorcia Cooper, bad script or bad acting but I was very put off Scandal when their plot was the focal point of the show.

Then there was Nthati Moshesh. One of my favourite actresses of all time constantly screaming during the Thabang storyline. It was just too much. I felt that there was a bit overacting on her part and I couldn't stand watching my favourite actor disappointing me like that. The storyline was intense an I could understand why they wanted to make it as dramatic as they can but after a while, at least for me, it felt forced.

The disappointing conclusion with Thabang being pronounced dead didn't help the story much because it meant there will not be closure for the Mo character. To this day, she is still going on and on about Thabang and how she blames Alex for his death. Yawwwwwwwwwwn.

Kagiso Medupe as Mangi

It was with great pleasure that I tuned on to the show this week and was entertained for the whole episode. It seems my favourite show is back on track again. Mangi is getting more scenes, which can only mean mesmerizing performances from Kagiso Medupe. I love this guy's acting.

Joyce Skefu as Maletsatsi

Joyce Skefu as Maletsatsi is back to her sassy self bringing in some comic relief.

Sello Maake as Daniel

I am still turned off by Sello Maake's acting. Will someone tell the scriptwriters to stop giving Daniel isiZulu lines. I am not zulu but I cringe every time the man speaks the language. It just doesn't flow well.

That said. I am very impressed with the current action in the show. Needless to say I eagerly waited for 19h30 yesterday, tonight and will probably do tomorrow, to see the show. My affair with Scandal has now resumed again. Until my other lover Isidingo gets out of the rut that it's in. As for Generations, though I had dumped it a long time ago, I was always hoping that it would redeem itself and I'd get back to it BUT after the poor quality of the audio tonight, I doubt that will ever happen since it's getting worse by the day.

Watch this week's fun moment when Daniel miraculously gets healed by Maletsatsi & The Church Women's prayer!!

Good to have you back, Scandal.

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