Adele '21' Review

Adele's new albumn 21 is a lyrical masterpiece and exudes the singer's growth spurt that suggest that she will soon be "the" artist of our generation.

The last time I was this excited about an albumn was with Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed A Dream". Now one of my favourite young artist has released her second albumn and what a deliciously well packaged feast of music it is.

Her debut albumn introduced me to this talented British singer who, in an industry that seems to glorify egos and antics above talent, had an immense amount of talent but wasn't showy about it. I fell in love. Tracks like "My First Love", "Chasing Pavement", "My Same", "Right As Rain", Day Dreamer" and Bob Dylan's cover "Make Me Feel My Love" have become my life's theme songs

What a difference 2 years make. This time the songstress' latest offer is "21". The first track I heard from the albumn was "Rolling in the Deep" which flew up the chart on 94.7 Highveld stereo. It topped the Take 40 SA chart and it's currently down to No.3.

Nonetheless, Rolling In The Deep is just a teaser. By the time you listen to the whole albumn you will fall in love with a variety of tracks that put every single young artist we have right now to shame with it's well-thought of lyrics and melodic precision.

My favourite tracks

Rumor Has It
Someone Like You
Turning Tables
One And Only
Don't You Remember
He Won't Go

As far as lyrical content is concerned, I love every single line in the lyrics ofRumor Has It. The catchy track is a definite must-listen-to tune that will be ringing in your head all day after you hear it.

"Turning Tables" has a sense of obscurity from the other tracks in the albumn and might not be your fav at first but oh it grows on you so fast. By the fifth time you listen to the ballad it will fast move up your list of fav tracks.

The dexterity in the gospel ballad "Take It All" is hauntingly soothing and will make you pause for a moment and take in every single word in the lyrics.

Of course, the time you press play on the cd and in the first track, "Rolling In The Deep", Adele sensually sings the line towards the end of the track which goes "... it all, it all, it all." but sounds like she is saying "Iyo, Iyo, Iyo" in a moment of ecstasy. You will be sold.

The most delicious moment of this lyrical cuisine comes in the track that sounds like a classic, "Someone Like You". The track starts with a heartbreak melancholy lament;
"I heard that you're settled down, that you found a girl and you're married now".
The slow mournful piano underneath the track sustains its ghostly feel and sorrowfulness without making it sound depressing. By the time she gets to"Nevermind I'll find someone like you" you find yourself rooting for her as you get that this is not feel-pity-for-me kind of track.

Throughout the entire track she is even wishing this guy well, often calling her "old friend". This emphasis a level of maturity that separate itself from the malarkey get-your-own-back types of ballads that is synonymous with the likes of Beyonce and Rihannna.

BUT what I most love about the track is the lingering question that never really gets asked but it resonates throughout.

Listen to the track and see if you can get what the question is.

I am no music expert, I just go with what I like and enjoy. I love this albumn. I love every track in it and have been singing along to it all week.

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