Beginner's Guide To Being Famous In Mzansi

So many people want to be famous but very few know how to manage their career beyond that fame

Step 1 of 5: Be Honest About Your Ambitions:

Though many would never openly admit it, a lot of you guys who want to be in this industry only want to be famous. There is nothing wrong with that. If you wanna be a star and have your name in magazines, you can be one and no-one should make you feel guilty about it. People get vilified if they make their aspirations to be famous public as it's deemed tacky to wanna be famous. Like money, we all love it but have to pretend we don't because we don't wanna be labelled.

Getting famous is relatively easy these days. Actually I can go as far as to say everybody is famous one way or the other. It just depends on how you define fame in your world. You can be famous for being famous without even having to do anything worth celebrating. Just be seen in certain places with certain people and the next thing you will be a "celeb".


5, 8, 10 years on and I still don't know what this dude (C-ga) actually does in the industry but his face keeps popping up everywhere. Just recently he supposedly released an albumn that barely made a blib in the music scene and I thought, ok he is an artist but now...

Personally I couldn't care less whether people sought after fame or not. What irks me is the hypocrites who do everything to be in the spotlight but would tell you that they do not want to be famous. Heifer, please!!! If you do not want to be famous, then do not pose for pictures, do interviews or attend celebrity events. If you work in the industry; just show up and work and go home. That way, you can do your job and no-one would care about who you are

Take Shakes for instance, I have seen him everywhere but never really got to know what his job is. One thing about him is that he is not shy to hog the spotlight if it needs be. If there is a camera nearby, Shakes will be in front of it booty hopping or claiming that Khanyi is in Joburg when she is actually in Italy. Now I hear the brother is a music video doing his dancing moves. Jelas down, he can move!!!

The flip side

I do not have to tell you that FAME come at a price. That price is privacy. Once you are on the spotlight every feels entitled to know your business. The public feels like it owns you and should therefore have access to your personal life anytime they wish. That is the bane of every famous person's existence. It comes with the territory and you can not hide from it.

Shona & Connie Ferguson

Their marriage was put on trial by the media and the rumour mill. Gladly for them, it survived.

My take on that is that if you wanna be famous then you better be prepared for it. One way of dealing with such is by being in control of the information that goes out there about you. How do you do that? By being honest. PEOPLE WITH NOTHING TO HIDE, HIDE NOTHING. No-one can use any information about you to their advantage unless you say it first. When you say it first you are in control of how that information is said. You know what's in your closet and how it got there better than some journo or blogger. Who then is better more equipped to deal with dragging them out than you.

Do Not Be A Hypocrite

After all of this do not come around once you n ow in the spotlight and tell us that you never wanted to be famous. We will see right through you. Much to the surprise of many in the industry, the public is not as gullible as you may think. They can see when someone is being fake. People like Khanyi Mbau, though some pretend to hate them, are loved because they are not hypocrites. She wanted to be famous and have achieved the fame whether you approve of her modus operandi or not. The reason why she is still relevant today is simply because she was HONEST about her ambitions and that earned her just as many admirers as it earned her enemies.

Remember, if you are not honest about what you want, the other person would not be able to offer you the tools to prosper. If I am your manager or agent and you are not honest with me about what you want, how then can I help you achieve those dreams?


Step 2: Gotta Pay The Bills

Now you are famous, what do you have to show for it?

( In this section: Information on how to choose agencies, using your fame to make a living and being relevant to your target market )

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