To my friends

Hey guys

I am sorry that I haven't really been active a lot on this site for the past few weeks. I have been so busy with work and personal stuff. A lot has been happening. Most of which have been great but of course the good always goes with the bad.

The bad news as some of you on my Facebook may know is that my relationship has ended. My partner and I decided to end our relationship on amicable terms. We didn't fight. 

Things were just not working out and instead of forcing the situation and eventually ending up on ugly terms we decided it would be best to go our separate ways. Though we loved each other, we were also not on the same page when it came to what we wanted our relationship to be. 

I love TK and know he loved me too but like I have shared with you before, love alone can not sustain a healthy relationship. With that, yours truly is single again and if I might add... the dating game sucks.

Having to meet someone new and getting to know each other... that whole process is draining for me. Anyway, I am ok and hopefully I'll bounce back stronger.

On a more happier note, things have been great on the career front. My gig with OwenKessel has been a Godsent. I would be a mess right now if I didn't have this job. I now have a steady income and something to keep me sane when I am going through my emotional rollercoaster ride. 

I thought writting was going to be my thing but now I have realised that I am more at home as a presenter. Writting about the celebs and the industry was fun but nothing beats having the opportunity to interview some of the pioneers of this industry live in front of a camera. I am feeling more and more at home with this presenting thing.

As most of you have probably noticed I haven't been blogging much. I have now decided to commit myself fully to the role my employers hired me for, being the presenter and face of FanCam. I have good faith in this project and given the great response that I have been getting from industry friends and fans, I think we are on to a great thing here. 

As we grow with every project we tackle as FanCam I couldn't be happier and prouder to have the team that I work with and the backing of OwenKessel and Amstel.

Thank you guys so much for being with me on this journey and always having my back. You guys inspire me everyday to work harder and explore all avenues I have. I am grateful everyday to have your support. 

I never forget how blessed I am to have the opportunities that I have and the support of people I have never even met behind me. Thank you for that. What you guys may not know is that I do not really have friends. 

I only have 3 people that I consider my friends so my online friends are the best I can ever hope for. That is why I share every aspect of my life with you guys. I get so humbled when you guys send me messages of encouragement.

I am a firm believer in possibility that if you work hard in life anything is achievable. If I can inspire you, as my friends, to be the best in your own life or just simple strive for the things your environment dictate that they are unattainable, my life would have a purpose. I am a dreamer and believe that if you can dream it and work hard at achieving it, you certainly will.

Hope to see you guys soon.

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