True Love Magazine More Like A Catalogue

Has True Love lost its lustre with all the advertisements taking over more pages than articles.

I saw a copy of True Love magazine on the stand with Khanyi Mbau on the cover. The cover photo looked very vogue-ish and somewhat interesting so I bought a copy. To be honest I was not expecting to read anything interesting as far as Khanyi was concerned but what I got when I opened the seal was such a disappointment in this iconic mag.

I remember when I still had dreams of being in this industry, magazines like Drum and True Love were my bibles. That's were I got to know about my favourite stars and the fun part of the industry. Over the years I have not really been interested in buying the magazine so I was not aware of the drastic changes that have happened with the magazine. To be fair the mag is not targeted towards someone like me so maybe I may be complaining about the mag when it is in-fact serving the needs of its targeted clientele.

Still I was shocked that 80 percent of the magazine was advertisement and very little in terms of articles. Beside the regular columns and some few celebrity questionnaires, the magazine was full of 3 to 4 page spread ads on makeups and clothes. About 10 to 15 first pages of the mag had no interesting content whatsoever.

As for the cover story, not that I expected much, it was same old stuff and nothing new about Khanyi. Why even have her in the cover when you will admit in your article that there was nothing interesting and fresh you could cover about her? This was a total disappointment, given the history and the mark that the magazine has in our industry and culture. Then again, maybe I am missing something.

Then again: Ms Mbau didn't miss a beat in taking a jab at her nemesis and ex sugar Daddy, Theunis Crous. In the article she makes claims that Primrose physically abused Crous. She further says that the first time she met Crous, was in a parking area in Sandton and he was wearing a bloodied shirt after being hit by his wife, Primrose.

"We both looked like crap and I broke down with him. He was a new father figure. My daddy."

khanyi mbau

Hmm, another Khanyi Vs Theunis Vs Primrose catfight brewing? Let's not forget that neither one of them has made the headlines in a while so could this be a way to get back in the spotlight.

For the record, Khanyi looks stunning in the pictures. The rock-chick look suits her. She is a beautiful girl and her more natural look highlights that. Loved the short hair as well.

So my female True Love readers, what do you think of the new True Love magazine's contents. Are you happy with the over-supply of ads? To me it just seemed like a catalogue than a magazine.

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