Beyonce's Run The World Gets A Reprieve From Jochen's Remix

A remix of Beyonce's new single, Run The World, proves to be a major boost for the poorly received track.

Billboard may have honoured Beyonce with an award for her contribution to music for the past Millenium but unfortunately fans have a different opinion of her latest offering.

 “Run the World (Girls)” crawled into the Billboard Hot 100 on it's debut week at No. 33. The ‘song’ sold 77,000 copies, matching the first-week total of Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight”, which debuted at No. 23.

In comparison, Britney Spears’ last lead single “Hold It Against Me” debuted No. 1 on iTunes in 19 countries and topped the Billboard Hot 100, breaking digital and radio records with the same amount of non-existent promo as Beyonce. Lady GaGa’s “Born this Way” followed suit, debuting at No.1 on iTunes in 22 countries, and selling 448,000 copies in just three days in the US alone.

On the other hand, Beyonce has only topped iTunes in Sweden and Spain and has been struggling to keep up the momentum even with slews of promotional stints around the US. There is just not enough hype around the song.

The much anticipated video hasn't really done much for the single either. Though the video has been the talk of the music industry since its debut, the song has actually fallen down on the Billboard chart.

After 5 weeks on the chart, Run The World has dropped to number 50. This is a blow for Beyonce who has been 'Queen of the Charts' since she went solo.

It's not just Hot 100 even the Radio charts are not faring well for Mrs Carter, she debuted at no. 65 and hasn't moved much away from that spot in the past 5 weeks. The track didn't do any better on the iTunes Top 100.

It debuted at no.30 and it's currently on no. 19, not bad but still not what you would expect from Beyonce who is the biggest triple thread star of our generation and a huge brand.

Well, Bey fans do not despair. Jochen might just be the answer to Beyonce's predicament. A new remix of Run THE World is fast getting some heat on Dance Charts. Looks like Beyonce might see the number 1 spot again thanks to this remix.

I am not personally crazy about the remix nor the original track but I gotta admit the remixed version does give the track some new life. In the original version, Bey's screaming over-powers the melody and the marching band sound is just too cheerleading rant for my liking.

Not to mention the fact that the lyrics are just terrible if you take the time to listen to them. With the remix, the screaming is subdued by a nice house/clubs beat.

You can actually appreciate the sound of some of the arresting beats on the track rather than get annoyed by the shouting.

Watch the video to hear the remix


Beyonce debuted a new song on American Idols called 1+1. The ballad is ok but again it's not as powerful as Halo, Ego, If I Were A Boy, etc. Now this is the second song from the albumn that is not getting any love. Could this mean the new albumn titled "4" will flop?

Already people are complaining about the fact that the released photos for the cover. Many feel that Bey looks a lot like Shakira on this photo if it will indeed be the cover for the albumn sleeve.

Of course this has rekindled the controversy over Bey and the L'Oreal ad where her skin was lightened for the campaign. The "Is Beyonce trying to look white" debate is up again on blogs.

Does Bey look like Shakira? You decide.

Poor Bey. It seems like this is definitely not gonna be her year. Then again this is what overexposure will do to you. Take some pointers from the likes of Adele and Celine Dion, be an artist first and a star second.


Beyonce releases tracklist for her upcoming albumn, 4

1. '1+1'
2. 'I Care'
3. 'I Miss You'
4. 'Best Thing I Never Had'
5. 'Party' feat. Andre 3000
6. 'Rather Die Young'
7. 'Start Over'
8. 'Love On Top'
9. 'Countdown'
10. 'End Of Time'
11. 'I Was Here'
12. 'Run The World (Girls)'

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