There Goes My iPod, Again

Now with iPad 2 out everyone is excited. Guess what? Think twice before you buy any Apple product in South Africa because should any of them have a problem, it will cost you a lot of money to fix them. Our internet is expensive and unreliable, now having to deal with Apple products problems on such an internet service has been a nightmare.

My dilemma with Apple: First I bought an iPhone 4 early this year. From the moment I switched it on when I got home I regretted buying it.

Number 1, very few people have iPhones so forget about using iMessenger which is supposed to be like Blackberry's BBM.

Number 2, the touch screen functionality is irritating as sometimes your phone will be dialing itself and you have all this new features that you don't "get".

Needless to say after few weeks of dealing with one problem after the other, I sold my iPhone and got back to Blackberry.

Then I decided to buy an iPod Touch. Don't get me wrong, this device is so cool. You have all the features you would have on iPhones. If our internet servers provided better WI-Fi services you could actually do everything you do on an iPad on an iPod Touch except make a phone call. Anyway, I have been enjoying it until that minor accident when I smashed screen, then the issues began. 

To replace the screen I was told I have to pay R950. The device had cost me a little less than R4000. I figured instead of paying that I might as well buy another iPod touch so I payed R3580 for another one.

Now, today my VOICE CONTROL decided to switch itself on. The feature is cool because you can operate your iPod by just telling it what to do. 

If you wanna play a song you just press a button and say the magic words. Cool right? Wrong!!! 

I nearly threw the damn thing against the wall when I realised that I can't access my other features on the iPod because the VOICE CONTROL thing has locked me out. 

The device keeps asking me for a PASSCODE and when I punch in the PASSCODE I have been using all along nothing happens.

People probably thought I was showing off at the gym when I kept on shouting out albumn names to play the tracks on the damn thing. Unfortunately that was the only way I could play music on the device. And guess what, you can't even play individual songs. 

Instead you have to call out an Album or Artist and the device selects songs for you. You can skip and shuffle but say you looking for Beyonce's "End of Time", you can't just say the track and it plays it. No no no, you have to either say Beyonce or "4" then the device will give you all songs related to that word. 

Since 4 is also a track number on all albumns, getting songs from Beyonce's new albumn to play on this stupid thing is a ridiculous. You say "albumn 4" and it gives you 200 songs.

I'm pissed off and need to get this stupid thing sorted. So anyone who has an iPhone or iPod touch and know how to deactivate the VOICE CONTROL thing, please HELP. I tried searching on the net for solutions but most solutions online are given by Americans and some of the APPS they use are not available on SA iTunes. 

Plus they have uncapped internet so at R390 for 2Gig on Vodacom, I really can't afford to be downloading 400mb apps and softwares. So if there is a non costly way to do this please help.

In the meantime, if you do not own any of the Apple devices, think twice before forking out loads of cash for them. These devices are more trouble than they are worth. Rather buy a Blackberry and Mp3 players.

Don't even get me started on the ridiculous battery power of these crap.

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