Are The Folks At Generations Deliberately Trying To Sabotage The Show?

This week news broke that Thabiso Mokhethi (Sam) and Kagiso Rakosa (Sharon)'s contracts will not be renewed. Which in effect means they are both FIRED!! Are you kidding me? Though I am not a Gen fan but it's no rocket science that Sam and Sharon are very popular with the viewers of the show especially the latter.

According to Daily Sun the two were given the shocking news last week after having been with the  SABC1 show for more than five years. Apparently creator of the soapie, Mfundi Vundla, said there was nothing more they could do for both characters.

 Thabiso said at first it came as a shock . . .
but it did not drive me crazy. We were told that what they were doing what was best for the show."   
“Leaving Generations is not the end of my life, but the end of a chapter. My God is setting me up for greatness . . .” he told the popular paper.
 Kagiso also expressed initial shock to Daily Sun:
“There is no bad blood, it is only the beginning of greater things to come.”
“But it is time and I am taking it in positively. I am an entertainer and a performer. I will be pursuing a lot of things.”
The two are said to finish shooting their final scenes in October and viewers will still see their faces until December. *Sigh*

Ok clearly there must be something wrong with the production team at Generations or they are seriously suffering from a case of 'we don't give a f*ck'. How could they possibly justify letting go of the show's most popular couple? Kagiso Rakosa had become the darling of Generations with the departure of Connie Ferguson just few months ago.

I can't help but think perhaps Mfundi wants to run the show into the ground deliberately, because I can not understand why he would keep approving the mediocre and artistic atrocities that plague his show. This is a man who pioneered this genre in our country, how could he possibly not see that the decisions that are made on the show are eroding it?

Yes millions of South Africans continue to watch the show even though it is possibly the worst show we have on our screens but seriously, if anything, doesn't Mfundi Vundla atleast want to preserve the legacy he will leave in this industry when he eventual bows out.

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