Beyonce "Best Thing I Never Had" Video Review

Bey debuted a new video from her new albumn, 4, last week. The new vid for her latest single, Best Thing I Never Had, shows off Mrs Carter's fierce bod.

Bride-to-be: Beyonce appears in a risqué bridal negligee in the video for her new single Best Thing I Never Had

Racy: The singer flaunts her famous figure as she sings about a former lover

In the vid the singer plays a bride-to-be wearing sexy bridal lingerie in the video for her latest single Best Thing I Never Had, remembering a past lover who let her get away.

You missed your chance: As she prepares for her wedding, Beyonce remembers the man who let her get away

As she sings about the man who wronged her, the 29-year-old strides around her bedroom in a sheer white number complete with a corset lace-up back, suspenders and garter.

Jay-Z's girl: Rapper's wife shows the world what only ordinarily her husband gets to see in the bedroom

But, what would a Beyonce review be these days without someone criticism from someone. While the critics seem to give the video a thumbs up, the blogs have been less appreciative of seeing bey in all her glory. It would appear that some see Beyonce's revealing vid as an attempt by the singer to use "sex" to boost sale. 

One comment on the blogs went as far as to call bey a glorified hooker. Ouch!! I think that's a bit much but I personally do feel that Bey can do without having to take off her clothes in music video. That's more of a Ciara thing to do, Bey can still sell without all this gimmicks.

This is what the critics had to say about the vid:
New York Magazine joked,  
“Hell, Kate Moss had more outfits in her wedding than Beyonce does in this video, which has been compared to bad Victoria’s Secret and David’s Bridal commercials. So it might be more low-budget than ‘Run the World,’ but it’s still true to Beyonce, who has never hidden her love of wearing underwear or wedding dresses.”
Lady in white: Singer displays her enviable body in her new video and smells the scent of a white rose

 Rolling Stone also said “I do” to Beyonce’s clip: 
“The video hits all of its marks perfectly, conveying all of the nuances in the lyrics while providing a lovely, memorable visual.”
Flashback: Beyonce recalls her prom date from 1998

Scorned: A video shows Beyonce's unnamed former flame ditching her for another woman at the prom

The Prophet Blog was not all impressed and quipped: 
“Luckily Beyonce’s totally hot, so she kind of gets away with just walking around and being beautiful and sexy for a whole video. Imagine if they’d tried to inject a really loose plot into Rihanna’s ‘California King Bed’ visual, and you’ve got ‘Best Thing I Never Had’.”

The hills are alive...: The singer finalls gets dressed, reappearing in a gown worthy of a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Sneak peek: Beyonce has never released pictured from her top-secret wedding to Jay-Z, but gives fans an idea of what might have gone on

Global Grind rounded up the 10 best shots of Bey in the vid while comically noting, 

“Last night’s premiere of Beyonce’s ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ was a great make up for not seeing her marital union with Jay-Z a few years ago"
Prince charming: She walks down the aisle at her wedding to be greeted by the man who did treat her right

The happy couple: Beyonce and her husband are cheered by their friends and family

No pictures were ever released of Beyonce and Jay-Z's wedding, which took place under a shroud of secrecy at their apartment in New York on April 4, 2008.

Ballad: Best Thing I Never Had is a far cry from her more recent hits Run The World (Girls)

My personal take on the vid is that it's way too simple given what we have come to expect from Bey. I think it goes back to the whole reception around the albumn as well. Bey set the bar very high and we have come to expect her to either push it further or maintain the status. 

She's the Queen of our generation, so it's only inevitable that we would expect offering of majestic proportions from her. With this vids she plays it very safe. The entire concept relies on her looks rather than her abilities. 

While watching the vid you can almost see that she is lip-syncing to the backtrack, which is nothing surprising as all video are shot with a backtrack BUT when you see it this way it takes away the authenticity of the emotions from the video.

All in all, I kinda like the video. It's just ok nje. Nothing spectacular. Bey looks hawt in it and thats it.

See the vid below:

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